Mariya Agapova Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 39

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UFC flyweight Mariya Agapova earned her 10th professional win thanks to a third-round submission win over Sabina Mazo at UFC Vegas 39 on Saturday.

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She sounds alot like Joanna


So happy she got the fight bonus, she deserves it. Mariya is a beast. I cant wait to see her fight again. Also love her personality and that smile just makes me smile.

Galym Aktiv


Адам Томпсон

I simp for Mariya Agapova I simp for Mariya Agapova I simp for Mariya Agapova I simp for Mariya Agapova I simp for Mariya Agapova I simp for Mariya Agapova I simp for Mariya Agapova


thats a whole cat on her head


Beautiful warrior.
nice one fight and nice interview.
let's go get more and more.

Palestinian Win

She is not Khabib…

John Surf

Alirght Agapova get a win !! Cool one of my very favoriates!!


I like her sassy answer when asked if there was anyone she'd like to call out. 😂 It's more entertaining than when a fighter says, "Gosh and golly, I'll fight whoever the UFC matches me with."

Basque Cheetah

Wow such a great attitude and cool ending words!

Michael Dee

I’m sorry but that hat is so silly 😜

Айдар Рахметов

Мария, с победой!🇰🇿💪

Meiirbek Nadyrkhan


BaM Chronicles

Good job to the guys in the truck🙄

Matt W

Take the mask off it's a scam

David Vacarciuc

Such a cutie

Artur Kashkarov


Salvadore Dalí

Alga Qazaqstan🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿

Cole Chaisty

Cmon guys in the truck, we were all waiting for that replay

Paul Denino

What a disgusting hat

bolat abuamir


Gustavo Ñaña Rosales

because ok Khabib I now fear anybody with a hat like those


Alga Qazaqstan 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿👏💪✊👊🤛🙏👍

Erkin Qazaq


Adumb Guy

Imma fan already

Дмитрий Астрелин

Кащази рулят 👍

nello kleiton



Kazakhstan looks like a small usa

Introvert Melanholikovich


Russell Jones

Wow, she impressed me a lot. I thought that Mazo is on different level, because more experienced in UFC and had strong opponents before. Mariya proved me wrong, now I see her future potential is high, as replace Joanna as good striker in MMA and next generation fighter who possible would create competition to Shevchenko in future

Наукен Сатаев

Agapova Maria. Kazakhstan alga


If this chick works on her cardio and ground game, she can be ufc champion.

mike gilleran

Which country is she from. I don’t recognize the flag but I’m more than curious to learn. Any help please?

Olzhik Baltaev



Adorable lady.


Be wary of any person who puts roadkill on their head

Matthew Lo


Keith Gordon

So, no one is gonna' tell her there's something on her head? Am I the only one that sees it???? (Nevermind, man…) Going to sleep 💤 She's awesome!!!!


Dude, I think Mariya would beat Valentina and Nunes. She is ultra elite and literally the best female fighter I've ever seen. You're looking at the future of fighting right here folks, enjoy the ride.

D Raleigh88

what a baddie

nikhil Jatwa

she has a tattoo on her neck 😲कृष्णा

Cj Khis

Машка с победой, уверенная и заслуженная победа. Алға!

Low Key Sound System

Sick finish.

Juan DeLaRosa


Hendra Chen

Should've been her 11th win if she didn't fucked up in her last fight before this lmao

Султан Султан

Алга Казакстан алга Мария


Mariya's finish for the W was epic.

Tyro Cyr

Amazing 🔥👏🏼

Music clips


Bolat Kanatov

Мария поздравляю с победой!

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