Miesha Tate Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 43


Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate tips her hat to Ketlen Vieira after a well fought main event at UFC Vegas 43, where Vieira was found victorious after unanimous…

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Rayado Uno

I love TATE! She is a fighter and like her personality and life story. I am not sure if this opponent taller and longer arms was the best choice possible for a 2nd fight after coming back? Maybe I am wrong! But I feel she could have gone a different route to be in a more ready state to fight someone like this girl. Whoever is representing MIESHA needs to slow down and care more for her. At least is my .02


Chiesa Brady should have been the main
Would have been very interesting had that gone 5.

j** tee

Domestic violence sucks.🥺

j** tee

Busted up again. Like some old drunk lady.

p s

Her reach was too short , the reach advantage was too much


미샤테이트가 졌나요?


So I went through the comments and I saw A LOT of hate towards Miesha. Wtf happened ? Why is everybody hating on her ?

Kiss Analog

I think she won. Either way she’s a champion!

Mushroom Man

I bet $100 she retired after her first loss back

Stay Gold

Only DC can congratulate the loser of a fight and not look like a dick doing it

Alex Popowski

She turned into Chandler at the end there.


She’s so corny

RedmiNote5Pro Gaming

Amanda Nunes – Here we go again

morris Laslo

Loser, the number one priority is to win the fight, if you want to have fun spend more time with your child, she's not a better women she's a better fighter.

David Delaney

Well i hope now she will stop talking about fighting Amanda Nunez for the belt. Cause Amanda Nunez would have made her face look even worse.she only got one take down i believe.😬

Angelo Magtajas  (GENUINE Karaoke)

lack of hand speed, volume and defense of Tate.. hope she can still improve..


I always love and am a big fan of her. Such a great person. She's someone I can tell my daughter to look up to.


DC makes me cringe

shadow rain

SUPRISE that she didn't say it was abusive.


Grant was special and got literally robbed against Yanez. Apparently the Money was on Yanez.

Arthur Davis

Is it true Ferrero Rocher gives you stinky ass syndrome?


Only a masochist says they had fun after getting their face smashed in.

jibi martis

Meisha Tate just shut up it was nowhere a close fight. You lucky Ketlen didn't threw more punches. Always making stupid opinions about other fighters and looks like shit in all her come back fights. She and DC should stay retired and stick to what they do best criticising. Don't let greed make you to stick around. If that was Nunes or Valentino you fought you wont be left with a face or worst.



Ali Dez

I can’t remember a more boring event. From the early online prelims, to the main event. It was a snooze fest. Maybe two or three decent fights. Too many people just going through the motions. Trying not to lose, instead of trying to win.


She's no Ronda.

Mike B.

Miesha Tate has never been a monster in the cage. All her wins from Strikeforce to the UFC has been over C class fighters.

Quick Silver

She looks embarrassed

Abdulrahman Al Hussaini


Corey R.

She fought a good fight, what a champion of a woman she still is !!!


Ronda Rousey could come out of retirement tomorrow and still beat Tate.

MotherNature Good&bad

Please stay out of UFC and take care of your kids.
Find some other jobs!


slow. so damn slow

Alan Schildroth

She did not study her opponent! Kick her up the middle, keep her back . . . wait for the opening. Go after her legs, get her tired from the kicks and see if her hands drop. She needed to pick her apart from the inside. Not sure what she was trying to do?!!


Recently she has been spouting that woke feminist rhetoric and slinging blame and shame on people… good to see she got smacked.

First Name Last Name

meisha is here, ronda isn't.

Daniel Rodgers

mommy got new head injury.

Just Kidding

Tate 1.1

Karamjeet Bedi

Horrible boring card. Nice to see Meisha get her face beat in one more time tho lol



404 Not Found

What a garbage ass card this was.

Sad Heart

Tate's a great fighter, greetings from Brazil.

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