Adrian Yanez Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 43


UFC bantamweight Adrian Yanez secures another victory at the APEX Saturday by split decision over Davey Grant at UFC Vegas 43. This marks five consecutive wins for Yanez at the…

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Judges should be outed for a scorecard like that man wow


I thought Davey won this match. I had to rewatch the fight because I didn't believe Yanez got 40 significant strikes in round 1. So after rewatching it – he DID NOT get 40 strikes. Most of them were evaded or blocked. Davey won round 1, Yanez Round 2 and Davey Round 3. Poor Davey, totally destroyed Yanez but didn't get the win because some people want to push the Yanez train to make him into something that clearly he is not – Davey won that fight on significant strikes. Yanez has some good punches but most of them missed… Read more »


I battled this guy at bellator after his father has passed, he got me in the decision but it was a good fight. i knew when saul passed he would come back and shine as he had before. much love adrian and i'm happy to see you being 4-0 in the UFC. you deserve this and keep trucking hard.

Prod: MiGo Mucci AnT

Yanez almost lost his last fight before this one and I think he barely won this fight. He needs to tighten up I believe in him though


Adrian Looks like Masvidals little Brother


Yanez is a fucking beast but i cant see him beating yan or tj ever, BW is so stacked damn.

Scott Mescudi

DC is really trying his best to make the most awkward post fight interviews in the UFC history.


Yanez is just so likeable



The Homeless American

Davey was robbed…Yanez hardly did shit…

Edoardo Antonini

Terrible judging. This verdict was a scandal!! The guy got dominated for 3 rounds and WON!!! Bullshit verdict. UFC needs to do something about these crazy judges.


I thought Grant won

Jon Snow

I saw it like a draw or slight win for Yanez. But I'm a fan of BOTH!👊👊


I honestly thought Grant won two rounds, I will have to to go back and re-watch it.

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Schehriyar Memmedov

Robbery! Davey clearly won this. Maybe not 30-27 but he definitely won this. These stupid judges looked to the face of fighters and decided winner who has clean face. Wtf!

JP Alberto

Yanez lets go 👊🏻

jshdjd yshsjdjejd

29-28 grant. Robbery

Douwe Egbert

30-27 ..really ? got to do something about these judges as it makes UFC like WWE

Jim Milton

What is masvidal doing here


I love it when fighters have their hand raised and are super excited, then they lose. Always makes me laugh.

Comic FANZ

Grant won that fight!!!


BW is a nasty division


Can someone fire Tony Weeks please 😂😂😂 Goodness gracious that was a disrespectful scorecard

Saga 7

Adrian yanez same masvidal face


Don’t think Yanez should’ve won, but the fight was amazing.


yanez even looks confused

Lyden Botelho

Give him either Marlon Moraes or Ricky Simon. Both would be fun match ups

Tony Montoya

I truly think DC should not be the ring side guy or interview guy keep your personal opinions two him self for him two say that two this guy knowing he lost his coach DC keeps it two opinionated with dogg him on his ear

Troy Miller

I'm glad that Adrian and Daniel both called b.s. on that 30-27 scorecard for Grant.

mahfacker weed

Adrian Yanez remind me of a young masvidal version of non journeyman 😊😆

Ricardo Xavier

American judges always stealing to benefit the american pride.


Lmao. DC just randomly touches it after the interview.

Saleh Cheema

That judges name is Tony Weeks and he should be held accountable


This fight was better than most main events.

Kris Edwards

Any one who says Yanez didn't win a round should be in school for Taco Bell janitor training. And apparently at least 5 years of that

Khult Herro

Why is Grant's dad allowed to judge this fight???

Young Kim

Respect to both fighter. Hoping Davey would take this one after his loss to Chito. Hope he get the next one. Congrats Yanez. Speedy recovery for both.

Jose Hernandez

Yanez is the future. 🇲🇽 🤟 🙏 😊

Ivan Pichugin

Clean 29-28 for Davey, the guy got robbed imo

Marcelo Abel Ortiz Ojeda

It's masvidal young jajajajajajaj

Fareed yousuf

The ufc must look into the judges man. First UFC 268 where a judge gave 30-27 in the justin mike fight, the rose weili fight and many other fights and now this

Tariq Aslam

The judges are smoking Diaz Californian Cannabis.

Ahmaddawud Mohamadi

Adrian just mauling him whay he is too much angry?

Drew Vaeth

That ears about to burst.

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