Sean Brady Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 43


UFC welterweight Sean Brady continues his unbeaten streak in the Octagon, securing the win by unanimous decision over Michael Chiesa in the co-main event Saturday at UFC Vegas 43….

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Nik Kova

Chiesa: best known for taking a McGregor's trolley in the head inside a bus.

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Lewy Blackmore

Brady got the growth hormone muscle fulness and jawline jusss saying


Horrible interview.

slava 97

eliminated both as serious title contenders. feed brady to chimaev or rakhmonov.


Edwards should get a title shot next, and than Brady vs Luque for next title shot

Jose Hernandez

D.C. said he didn't like Brady and Chiesa talking to each other in the first round, but he had no problems when Khabib talked during fights. 🙄

The Reckless Engineer

All those tattoo's and no call out

Bundle of Humble

I feel Sean Brady is a good allround fighter but i dont see him keeping that zero.


UFC is my#1 sport

Ado Brka

Bring Khamzat Chimaev to Break his record, face and soul 💪🏽

Zaheer Dawood

Brady is good…. but he needs to fight Chimaev, Colby and Usman before making claims about being the best grappler in the division…

Nawin Srisukato

DC and his coach’s faces were shocked about Sean asking for 5-rounder lol That’s the last thing you ask for after got saved by the bell in the third.


Brady is small in height but is jacked as u Yanks say. He’s got a back on him like a prime Arnie.


DC's such a troll lmao


Brady VS khamzat is the welterweight fight to make no 2 ways about it

Spart T

As from casual prospective this didnt look fear to me.. all you need to do to win is take someone down, hug him and wait for round to finish- zero fkin damage was done on the ground.. that's bs, so called dominance.. if you take down and cant do any damage, should be put back to stand by referee.. thats why I really hope someone knocks Islam out cold before he becomes the champ, nothing against the guy..

A100KilosOfRaP A1TonOfHonesty

Nods to Brady for not talking anything about Michael's mom in this post fight interview.

Mr. White


Derek Rusher

i hate when takedowns win decisions, chiesa busting his nose was like the most significant moment in 15 mins

Derek Rusher

dude kinda getting the reputation of a wet blanket decision fighter heavy grappler but tiny little damage and zero sub threat really


Khabib, Makhachev or Chimaev would mop the floor with this kid, despite being lighter.

Raj kumar

John Brady lol


Neither of them beating Usman anyways

Sean MMA

He won in the most embarrassing way possible

Dave W

In hindsight, Sean Brady be like… "Brock Lesnar, where you at???"

Death Stroke

DC doing his best to give Brady a good promo and Brady not taking the bait… Tsk tsk

Multi Videos

That nigga is not 5:10

Ranjeet Gupta

Look at his back body…

clive ramsbotty





Brady’s back is huge

Robert Knapp

Not a great performance by Sean but a win is a win I guess, the 2 eyepokes he got in the first didn't help him tbh.

Danny Worsfold

DC is a legend but my god does he have to keep prompting fighters to call people out in the post fight? Does he get a bonus for that or something?


Can we tell Michael Chiesa to stop swapping Careers and remain UFC reporter and That's it.

Timothy Woods

Sean straight capping “I’m gonna finish him violently”

shopie long

Mans got the back of a heavyweight

Ricardo Dorame

DC never let's anyone say anything outside of answering his questions. What the heck? Not watching DC/RC anymore.


Should never have cut that mullet

Caleb McGraw

This fool can’t take the time to make it interesting 15 and 0 still no talking. Humble or make bank and let your kids kids live humble. Be a man

Caleb McGraw

What weight do these fools fight at?

Dong Luc

Everything about chiesa seems forced and fake, from his walkout to the way he was trying to hype himself up, even his nickname doesnt really fit

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