Spain end Italy’s world record unbeaten run | Italy 1-2 Spain | Nations League Semi Final Highlights

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Highlights from the UEFA Nations League Semi Finals where Ferran Torres run the show and ended a record breaking run.

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Nathan Lhoni

Fair play to Spain they’ve played the Euro winners off the park here👏🏾👏🏾

David Gillyon

Italy being beaten is great news in my book!

Stefano Vecchigno

They want Spain as winner this time , congratulations.

Sam Aden

The Italians dirty played


Well done Spain.

The Klitschko Brothers

Overrated Italy luck ran out.

Joshua Cooke

That’s what you get Italy!


Same old crap from Italy fouling at every chance ..defender sent off for sticking his elbow around Spanish face…Italy score then push Spanish player into the net…lovely people such wonderful.human beings…a tournament without Italy is a nice place


Imagine Chiesa had lips would be the finished article


Justice for the Euros, Spain were all over them in that semi final, deserved winners of the competition

Spencer Powell

Bonucci 19 red card 2:21

Default Damager

It’s nearly 2022, can us peasants get 4K uploads please? Potato quality.

Reece Jones

torres plays like prime david villa for spain but like emile heskey for city 😵


Love seeing drama queens Italy get smashed into the floor.But what a player Chiesa is.

Nelson K

What uninspired non-enthusiastic commentary…jeez.

Tory Boy


Ryan Betrand

Unpopular opinion but Jamie Hagi>Messi,Ronaldo,R9,Lingard,Maldini,Buffon

Shawn Davis

Well done Spain glad Italy lost

Alessandro Nesta

I feel like Spain are slowly coming back….


Only because Italy played 10 man


I wanted them to lose anyway it not coming rome coming home

HalJordan4 Ever

Love seeing Bonucci sent off. Too cocky.


Sad for Italy, but all good things must come to an end, im glad that they won the Euros along they way and looking forward to the upcoming world cup!!

Brad Lopez

Was that Gavi in the wing?


Let’s go spain

Elston Bell

I love Bonucci but was so glad when he was sent off – too cynical man! Too cynical… 😢😢😢

Mike Sadowskyj

Torres, he’s a Tower of strength 😁


The commentary is giving me fifa 17 vibes 😂


Literally all the teams that lost to Italy after the game : YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS


can we appreciate spain's beautiful play to create the second goal?

George Wood

Have to say that red card was a ludicrous decision. Bonucci's eyes always on the ball. Unless he jumps up with his arms by his side – which is nigh on impossible if a player wants to get any height and I have never seen any footballer jump like that – how is he supposed to avoid that collision? The Spanish player jumps into him and unfortunately his head makes contact with the guy's elbow. Genuine question – if a red card can be given on severity of outcome (regardless of intent), what is to stop players jumping into people's elbows head… Read more »


Can't help but notice Spain made subs…

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