UFC 267: Alexander Volkov Octagon Interview

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UFC heavyweight Alexander Volkov defeated Marcin Tybura in a clash of top 10 contenders via unanimous decision at UFC 267 on Saturday in Abu Dhabi.

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Dushyant Pandit


Vi _XXiV

DC really likes russians don't he? 😂

Dini Septiyani

Khamzat vs Charles Olivera

Rivo afriadis4

it's russian night


DC looks like one of the security
He’s easily 300lbs now

Ren Nohara

Bothe amazing Congress to volkove

náisiún na hÉireann


Lentiaj I hentaj

Only one Russian lost the fight, but to another Russian (Dagestan)

Вильям Фишер

Саша поздравляю и надо прибовлять!

Сергей Быстров

С победой!!! Молодец!

Ricardo Torres

What happened to Volkov’s hair he basically balled after losing to Gane.


walczą tyle lat w ufc a nie mogą się angielskiego nauczyć xD

David Duarte

This fight was the biggest dud on the card. Volkov starting to fight like Stefan Struve…..in other words, boring.

мегаобзорщик газ

Translator is very good

Prithvi raj

It was all about russians to be honest


That being said he should fight Tom Aspinall next


Alexander Volkov tried to throw the fight too


After seeing gane roll through the division, I don't see much of anyone being able to beat him. Ngannou and stipe maybe, outside of that there is no one

Kota Lz

30-27 2 judges then there always that one judge that hits you with a crazy one out the park it never fails😂 give him the Lewis rematch he was dominating & got caught it will be another banger 💯

Sardor Sadirov

All the Russian fighters went house 🏡 with biggest win 🇷🇺


Александр Русский богатырь🇷🇺👍

Tyro Cyr

Volkov is back 👏🏼🔥

Ragnar ok

Yo how and why tf dc is ballooning up. I'm damn near concerned. Like I know hes retired from competing but maybe keep yourself healthy at least

Cardio Cain

Just how good is ciryl Gane?!

Code Froziten

Lewis rematch 👊🔥🔥

Erick Natterer

This may not have been Volkov's best performance, but he did stop 16/16 takedown attempts. And he did land some good shots. Maybe Tybura has an iron chin. Doesn't necessarily mean Volkov doesn't have power.


Russia vs rest of the world card

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