Can any manager fix this Man Utd dressing room? | Saturday Social ft James Allcott & Specs


James Allcott & Specs join Joe and Smithy this week to discuss the Man Utd situation.

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Bar the few that are performing they should bench the rest and field youth players for the rest of the season not like theres anything to lose then by time next season rolls up they might be up to speed.,

Mat The End Pod

Solskjaer already did. So funny how this changed, it’s like Mourinho happened again.

Vasie Kumarasamy

Get a proper coach like Mancini or Ajax coach. Or United is finished.

R Bernardo

idk why Luke Shaw is annoyed, he's been terrible as well

Blasa Bwoy

As an Ole loyal fan am enjoying noww😜😜😄😄😄🙄 up


" 4222 doesn't work"
Pep be like : 🤨

Who Knew 22

Yes Big Sam lol

DJ Husky

I could fix man United

Hakeem Mohamed

Harry Maguire he’s not a good captain. The captain supposed to bring everybody together

Cris Seven

Eric Ten Hag is the RIGHT Manager for MU 🔴


Conte can


Bring back Carrick !

Nathan Lhoni

These players need to be held accountable for these terrible performances man I swear ffs🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂they juss down tools whenever they feel like doing so n then make it look like the manager is the problem juss like they did with Ole😪😪every time Keano speaks about United he speaks nothing but facts in that clip he was absolutely spot on about the players throwing managers under the bus over n over again✅✅I juss hope that over the next 2 years whilst Rangnick is there as a consultant he gets rid of players who aren’t buying into it n does much better… Read more »


I never want United to do well. But from a legit critical standpoint its just a team of individuals.until you get rid of the players that want to play for themselves no manager can help them

Mayowa Fatunke


Murphy moe

Only Poch can fix us

Taco Bieseman

There probably is someone that can fix this club, but which manager is going to be stupid enough to put his balls on this Glazer block?

Dale Mason

Trying to throw another manager under the bus

Haran Karthick


Live Now

The players are too lazy

honey badger

only klopp

PgTrym91 On Social media

it's not really imo up to the Manager when it's the players fault like Maguire Wan Bissaka… lack of creativity in midfield 2 of McFred with decision making

PC principal

Alexei Sanchez knew it was rotten on his first day at the club and nothings changed. It's the players and they're all still there taking their pay cheques…


Boards fault for keeping Pogba, Lingard, matic, mata, dalot, fred, martial, henderson, Jones, bailly, martial, .. and for buying VDB and Ronaldo. All of these descisions was made by the board and Ed Woodward. All of these players are the problem at United. They dont fit in, or they are not good enough. The board undermine every manager, and is just creating problems. Including Alex Ferguson.

Tekson Mutum

Who are these guys?
Are they experts or former footballers or analyst?
I just want to know.


Only that manager who dares to sell the deadwoods and bring in some players who gives theirs hearts out to represent this club..

Mamud Soraju

Buy klopp from liverpool. Probleme solve

Geoffrey Wright

Can you hear that? Sounds like laughter? that's Burnley laughing at the notion 4-4-2 doesn't work in the Premier League. Formation is the least of United's problems

steven woodall

Rangnick could sort this out if he is given the powers to do so.
Unless the Glaziers allow this no one will be successful

Tony Mccartan

Conte was their man but hes come to us…… Dropped the ball massively. Problem is utd habe players biger than any coach, thags6what they believe… Conte, pep, klopp, simeone and a few others know they are the club!!!

sg h

its the players 100%…under few managers now, the same thing. If it was really was all rangnicks fault, then the players can prove it by doing EVERYTHING he wants of them with commitment and if the results and performances are poor (AFTER they do what he wants) then they can turn around and say its Ralf…spoilt multi millionaire kids who think they run the club and can do what they like, because they've been treated that way for years now…same with Psg in a similar manner, rant over. peace

Venkatesh Bagal

United lack intensity. United lack consistency. There's quality, but they are all not fully committed and don't make the right decisions at the right times. 😭

huho gogo


Brian O'Gorman


Curtis Yeboah

Roy Keane really a prophet, countless amount of times he saw through the facade of ‘come back FC’ someone like that needs more influence at Manchester United!


As a fan of Manchester united, i think all these players need to be sold and buy others. you cannot tell me that over 6 managers that have tried to coach united are bad. players are the impossible ones because they think they the best in the world even when they don't have good results. These players are doing the same sheet to every manager that comes in. Am telling you even if Frgie comes back, these are not good players to deal with. Like PEP did at Mancity sell every one and start afresh

Celso Costa

The Germans always find a solution!!!

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