Manon Fiorot Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 40

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Flyweight Manon Fiorot made it three wins in a row to start her UFC career with a unanimous decision win at UFC Vegas 40 on Saturday evening.

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Scott Mescudi

Aaah elle doit apprendre l'anglais la Manon.

Vusi Mbili

She was champion here in South Africa in our MMA EFC promotion.


Not bad for a $500 pay day

Iwant 2spanku

Valentina will eat her alive


Gros respect !


I am sure she wasn't happy with her strategy: 3 punches combo to the face and side kick during 3 rounds. She showed more variety in previous fights. I guess Covid was part of that. She has so many tools. I am glad she could show some ground game too.

Clark Dark

Why was that man shouting so much?

The Tiny Moss Beetle

Fiorot – pronounce Fjor-oh. Not just "Fjor".. Americans butcher everything not American.. Bisping should have know better.

UFC sports

Clearly win 3-0 congratulations

DrPhil 420

Not fair, Fiorot has a third fist on her chin.

Richard Dubois

Wait if that's the main event shouldn't had been 5 rounds despite none of them are champion I could had sworn they had that rule couple years ago

Vincent Soares

Manon 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷👑


Bravo Mano , énorme volume de jeu !!!

The Isaiahnator

She has shades of Wonderboy. She should train with him and elevate her karate to the next level.

Einar der Wenigen

I get ill when bisping speaks. This english aczent is terrible.

Taj K

She should fight Miranda maverick next



patrick bateman

I'm pretty sure they pronounce her last name wrong


This girl should be ranked in the top 15 right now. If the sports media doesn't have her in the top 15 on Tuesday, then the media who votes on the rankings are incompetent.

Tyro Cyr

And the grinning stills on.. 😁😂

Drew H

She has a hgh gut

Henry Downes



My condolences to Rogan's spouse, kids and family, always in our hearts 🙏


Training and training again, Manon!!! you will be the best in the futur!!!!

Matt D

Manon showed she lacks the speed and power to contend with the best.

Pro Fights Info

Awesome fight, that was a fun one.


Did any fighter not have a translator?


Valentina vs Fiorot+Graso they can switch from round to round

Scot McCreight

Fiorot is special and she answered questions about her ground game and cardio, she is ready for a top 15 flyweight matchup next, well done Manon!


She is amazing but she has some problems. I have no idea why she threw at least 20 or 25 multi punch combos to the head, and every shot was blocked, and then repeated the same combo again and again. How can you not change up?

J Kinng

She don't have no curves on her body…she a sheman strong good for her work…she luk rough like a b

Banger Brown

Was she born a boy is the question

Daemon Dost

Valentina finally has a worthy future opponent!

Leezy TheTrapper

Allez Manon !


This right here is the woman that will destroy Valentina

Jason Red

If Manon keep fighting like that, she could get a fight for the title soon 🥰

Boogie Thug Rose

Dana White: "Here's a quarter, go downtown and have a RAT gnaw that thing off your face!"

Boogie Thug Rose

Holly "Hish Hish Hish" Holm: You taking everything I worked for!!
Manon: "Haaa Haaa Haaa"

El Super Guapo

Le girle wone the fighte


Futur champ…on tge rise but one Day,all the world Will know her name ! Bravo Manon !! 🇨🇵🇨🇵🙏

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