Andrei Arlovski Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 40

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Former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski made it back-to-back wins with a unanimous decision victory over Carlos Felipe in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 30 on Saturday…

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Nonya Nigga

One of my favorite fighters of all time

Adorel Yakhnis

Let's go, so happy to see my favourite heavyweight of all time since childhood get another win at his age. A true legend and OG of the sport.

Worry Lessnless

How did Arlovski win this? Makes ZERO sense.

Fabrizio Baldani

This "Felipe" should shut his mouth already… What an ugly fighter, in every sense…


This guy has been whooping ass before I was even a thought

Jarls Terra

Carlos Felipe pisses me off




When that dude found out he lost he acted like a toddler who had his animal cookies snatched away! Lmao what a bitch!

Felix F

Carlos Felipe reminds me of my big Mexican childhood friend that just bullied everyone because he was big and fat but he couldn't fight.

Bryan from Buffalo Brian frumps

Arloskis post UFC plans are
Fighting in the UFC

Benny D

Arlovski is a true mma veteran.

JMoney Entertainment

Why do they keep making Andre- fight? They brought back Nick Diaz they brought back Nate Diaz and then Andre-… wtf ufc stop bringing these guys who should be retired, it’s really not exciting to see them fight

B Real


Frederico Fernando dos Santos Marques

De dois lentos, venceu o menos lento, kkk, dois molengas 🤣

Jane Lee

I did not catch a single word he said

Alexis Vicent


Sean M.

"I'm like Nike Just Do It"

jonas andrades

Carlos boi é uma piada! Fracão e sem recurso! Extremamente limitado!

pavle brkic

And they say Stipe is hard to understand

Azingna Khamho

The lost guy reacted exactly like his ugly hair colour 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Legend! Respect

S. dot

Bisping: asks question
Arlovski: shhdgd huh dnhdhdhd huh djsbdbdkdoja huh huh huh mehshi huh huh


Seriously was he speaking English there ?

Keith Gordon

I would agree with everything he said, if I knew what he said. Congrats, Legend!!!

Add J

Remember when the Goat 🐐 knocked him the fuck out 😂

Victor Bow

RELEASE JON JONES OR BAN HIM ufc has banned and fired fighters for way less

N slstyaw



1 of my fave fighters

Erik Whiting

Felipe did nothing in this fight lol. His reaction to the decision is funny

Rafinha Bastos

Andrei is so fast and smooth that he gave an interview in Russian and nobody noticed.

Lir Meaney

Why does bisping never look small beside any man in the octagon. Man's huge 👀


4 decades of fighting, still hangin in there . Nothing but respect

Faisal Yagob

Ufc is best 💗✌🏿✌🏿

Faisal Yagob

Yes 💗💗✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿


This raise the question
Why can't the UFC pay this guy monthly so he can stop fighting????
He deserve to relax. He did it more than anybody else.

Ed P

What the hell did he say ?


All I can think of is mike doing his Andre impression he did on his podcast a while back lol

Jacot Guillaume

I thought Miocic had the hardest interview to understand…


It's like a senior citizen league now. Old people inside and outside the octagon.

Mykel Contra

The legend of ufc..still fighting

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