Justin Gaethje Ranks His Top Lightweights, Favorite Fighters to Watch and Backflip Tips

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Former interim UFC lightweight champion Justin Gaethje

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That scene with the Dog was so wholesome

Dana White

Tony fight earn me intrem titles to fight against greatest of all time (khabib) justin

John Price

I want Charles to make Justin tap.. my god.

c r

charles is way better than u

P will

justin would get choked out by charles within 3 rounds

Cory MMARules

Justin is so bitter…and overrated. He said he was better then Charles Oliveira, blahahahaha. 😂


One of the most fit people in the world, with one of the most chunky dogs in the world… Love it

Tufayl Myburgh

Gaetjhe is such a wholesome human lol.

Giorgos Lolos

Charles is gonna submit this white belt inside 1 round🤦


The greatest of all time, THE EAGLE

Siran Siran

Gaethje vs Chandler winner gets a backflip

Rizzle Nizzle

Gaethje looks like the Santa from season 1 of Happy! 😂

Login Online Cues

Mcgregor is the GOAT…he made UFC famous. He is very rich and he wears suit everywhere…he will knockout any of these clowns under 15 sec

Bubba Gump

Chandler only has one win too jackass

Chink Wick

Can't wait for Gaethje vs CTE lets gooo warrr 🔥🔥🔥

Zaid Hashmi

4:59 savage

Mike the Moocher

him crying when rose came back and won the title gets me everytime haha


No mention of Islam eh?


I always hate seeing him do the last flip something about him landing just on his toes AAAAAHH !! 😭🤣🤣🤣

Coach 413

Favorite fighter right there!


Justin never has a boring fight and he never tells lies


Poirier Vs Justin 2 is way more exciting fight than Poirier VS McMuffin 2,3,4…

john wick

He said oliveira quit but justin tapped and got slept in the same night.

Myles Scott

Go justin gaethje vs Chandler

G.O.A.T Status

Everyone in his top 5 except dariush beats gaethje

Subtain Mehmood

Islam will nuke em all …just see

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