BREAKING: Steve Bruce sacked by Newcastle United

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Breaking news from Sky Sports News as Newcastle United’s new owners…

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Wow I'm so surprised what a shocker

Joshua Jones

How on Earth did Bruce ever make it to 1000 games in charge as a manager with that abysmal record! 🤣 He almost lost as many games as he'd won! 😲 🙈 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😂

Cam 111

Can you come to westbrom

Tarak B

The guy's a dud. I am amazed he's been able to manage as long as he has.

Vincent Chapman

He wasn't sacked he left by mutral consent



Thomas Morin

First priority is to avoid relegation.

Ray Deeble

With 8 m in he’s pocket, I would leave 😩

Winston Schnauzer

The Championship for Newcastle next season just like BT aye Jake?


New manager: Pep guardiola

Rocco Starbuck

Give it to big Sam.🤗


Eight Million and a restraining order to never attend another Newcastle game.

Nath Jones

Kevin Keegan will return !!!

DJ Jonatek

He has the cheek to say fans wanted him to fail. Yeah they're gonna pay to see the team fail. I doubt it . What a cabbage.

Kevin Prior

Win rate 37%…. says it all… he's s#$%

Heroes Zeros

You can’t feel sorry for him.
He’s made millions achieving nothing.
How many of us can say that?


Not often in history it's a win-win and lose-lose situation at the same time. Bruce could have won every game 10-0 up till Xmas and he still would've been sacked but then HE wins with a big payoff the FANS win as they wanted him out anyway. A situation everyone is happy with. Can't really feel too sorry for him.

Cameron Plays

What’s breaking about this news

Synthesizer Patel

7 wins in 38 games and the media are trying to make out he’s been harshly treated.

Paddy Nevs

Bruce spent 2 and a bit years gets sacked
Ole in the man United job nearly 3 years not sacked

Rob Rob

Whats next ? Sunderland

Bill Scott


James Uk

He left by mutual consent he did not get sacked

Tahmid Ahmed

How long will Graham Jones Last? 😂

Craig Taylor-Broad

He's an awful manager and he probably got a bunch of money for this but I kinda feel sorry for Bruce.

The squad he has is awful. And the product of an awful owner at the time.

I think it's strange to get rid of a manager without having one already in place.


The next manager be like:

"I have always admired this club with a great history, and great players such as Joelinton, Jeff Hendrick and Paul Dummett"


Steve Bruce leaves Newcastle by mutual consent

Mark Peers

Doesn't matter who you replace him with the squad is still crap and they'll do well to survive this season

Billy Mulloy

How do u know what he can do with a superstar squad 😉

Scott Thomson



Didn't know he was still there

I.P. Knightley

Big Sam

Peter Fawcett

Who will want to manage Newcastle with the  “sword of Damocles"  above ?

Account User

Steve Bruce sacked, I’m in shock!

Chad Edward

Enjoy that payout Brucey

Captain Henderson

Nahh,I never knew that

Carl Baker

It’s the same old story a new manger will come in on a big contract then be given about 200 million pound to spend on players and the fans think it will be a quick fix it will take about 2 or 3 seasons Man U have spent a lot of money since fergie left and have not won anything which is good as I’m a Liverpool fan we have wasted millions in the past but the owners have been patience and had faith in klopp I do hope you become a big club again and fight for a top… Read more »

Mark Nelson

Very gracious statement from Steve Bruce, think he done the best possible given the weak squad he had and limited finances available to strengthen it.
Don't think anyone else could have done any better given the same circumstances .

Stevie T

Dream team of shearer and keegan, please!! Imagine the scenes at SJP!

Beta Ray Bill

Well, that's that. Hope you enjoy your new regime, Newcastle fans.

martin od

Who do you newcasle fans want in next as manager of your club

Kevin Jones

Newcastle fans have had more time moaning at the board and whoever has ever managed them than any club I know , are you gumna moan at Ashley now he found you the biggest buyers now in world football , enjoy relegation first keep moaning 👍


“Hello the names ole”


Deserves it

Mark Shaw

Relegation incoming

Ryan Dorritt

Had the easiest way to a cup final they would ever have and got kicked up in the quarters Steve Bruce did it again useless manager

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