Formula One USA Grand Prix Betting Picks, F1 Preview

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The United States Grand Prix is a motor racing event that has been held on and off since 1908, when it was known as the American Grand Prize. The Grand Prix later became part of the Formula One World Championship.

United States GP, Sunday 24th October 2021, 8pm GMT

In the last three years, Honda has given extraordinary service to Red Bull and finally managed to bring them to the front fight for the championship. However, Japanese manufacturers are seeing a shift in their business vision. Hence, they have decided to leave F1.

According to sources, Acura name will replace Honda on Red Bull’s rear-wings and suits at the Circuit of Americas. However, Honda’s name will not be absolutely replaced from the sight but will be on smaller scales.

Acura is a luxury car division of Honda, and it was launched in the United States around 35 years ago. So, it is a perfect opportunity for Honda further to promote their brand in the western domestic market.

Previous Grand Prix

The championship battle continues to twist and turn between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, but in Turkey it was time for the teams’ second drivers to take centre stage and offer helping hands to their respective team mates.

Valtteri Bottas won the race brilliantly. With Hamilton taking a 10 place grid penalty it was always going to be crucial for Bottas to deny Verstappen maximum points on Sunday and he delivered the result convincingly.

Too often recently Perez’s poor qualifying performances have rendered him redundant in helping Verstappen’s fight with Hamilton on a Sunday, But with Hamilton starting 10th Perez was going to prove to hard to pass leaving Hamilton to take 5th and making victory in the US even more important.

Our Picks

Winner: Hamilton @10/11

Podium: Norris @3/1

Podium: Verstappen @2/7



Best F1 Betting Picks, Formula One Preview

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