Randy Brown Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 39

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UFC welterweight Randy Brown won every round on all three judge’s scorecards for the unanimous decision victory over Jared Gooden in the UFC Vegas 39 co-main event on…

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Basque Cheetah

JA no problem


Like how he tells the truth. Remember usman saying his dad watched his fights in prison! 😂 😂 like they are paying for channels like fox sports1 back in the day so they can watch the ufc…

Yanni Zeresenay

This guy versus Leon Edwards would be great. Boxing skills on point.

Ryan Norman

Rudy boy Randy Brown!


Felder is possibly one of the best interviewers next to Rogs

Anton Chigurh

Jamaica stand up!!

Revelation 13:16

This dudes gona be a problem. Big up to the rude bwoy!!!


1:45 was his dad in prison & only seeing him free today for the first time? He mentioned monthly visits and then ‘being out’ now. What an emotional night for the dad, what a backstory.

Troy Aikman

I didn't know Jared Cannonier changed his name.

Borja Angoitia

Man is amazing to watch

Svarnir Trun

Please make Brown vs Holland when Kevin drops to 170.

Omar Patterson

Yuh Dun Know Naah Mean Randy Big Up yuh self🥂



Everett Washington

Randy brown looked like the real deal

Sam Black

Herb Dean sure does pick and choose who can stick their fingers directly towards their opponents eyes..


Imagine landing a near perfect kick in the first few seconds, thinking you're gonna get a KO… but you break your toe!

Po Pe

How does this guy even makes 170.


Remember that name ……….

Micah Asher

Kevin Holland level striking

Frankie Sarrantonio

Definitely lookin forward to watching his next fight! The fact he fought the whole fight with broken toes!



Sharmake Abees

Everything is first time so i won't blame you

Melbourne Stacker

Didn’t know David Warner the cheating cricketer from Australia did ufc mic work.

ryan moore

Wonderboy good match

Judith Teque

BIG UP Jamaica 🇯🇲

Jake Harmon

what an awesome fight!

JAH Fighter

Ruuuuuuude Gang Salute 🔥🙏🏾🇯🇲

Der könig

I am excited for browns next fights. Great style


I still don’t know how gooden was standing after that front kick

Steven White

Him vs Niko price rematch next up hopefully

Andre Howe

Another trash one , why was this card necessary ? So terrible. Number one fan of ufc and It was jus hard to keep
It on my screen 🤷🏾‍♂️

Roger Weatherman

Good interview.

Jamesy McAleer

Guys a monster

Jade Wigley

He's good.

Benny Santos


Archduke Franz Ferdinand

so people hate MVP for taunting but like this guy?

Halim Mimo

Ma man did a giveaway live lmao

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