Unlikeliest of winners! Horse comes from MILES back at Fontwell

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Tortoise and the hare! A remarkable finish at Fontwell with Nessfield Blue coming from another part of Sussex to defeat Heavey.

A fantastic effort by jockey Gavin Sheehan, riding…

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Ste Devo

Don't remind me I had the 2nd🤦

David Sheridan

Great job by Gavin sheehan , mind you the leader was emptying fast over the last !


This is plain disgusting and abusive. The hard continuous whips, and deadly jumps. These horses are forced to run at unnatural speeds while being whipped hard.

Vicki Hodges

What heart and courage both the winner and the horse who hung on for second just showed. The Hallmark of the Thoroughbred…

Dane Diaw

Le cheval a failli marché😄😄😄

Goonerville Gonad

A shade cosily

Valerie Boots

I watched the race live. This was a great ride by Gavin. He had to 'ride ' Nessfield Blue from a long way out. He did not give up which other riders may have done . He stuck at it,which takes some doing and a lot of strength, and came out the winner. Great performance .

t s

Pulling the whip on the eventual 2nd place.
Bloody hell the poor thing barely got over the last fence asking for more under those circumstances does not look good. Other than that that bit of aw 4f out seemed to suit the winner.

Matías Francisco Bustos Riveros

That part of the track is polytrack?


You are mistaken, this was the finish of the 1973 grand national 🏇🏇

Billy Scott

Probably get a 21 day ban for trying to hard on the winner.

Garry Irvin

Great perseverance Gavin. I used to ride out for Pat Murphy 25 years ago, nice to see that he's still going and getting the odd winner

Trevor Luft

Just topped up my gas and electric with that winner

Mr Smith’s World

A rare rattle 😂😂😂
Typical National Hunt, ridden to death in the mud, whipping like a cowboy give me more horse give me more!! It’s not Frankel is it


The peck at the last killed his momentum

Гаврила Кириленко



Andrew Steel

Some jockey is gavin sheehan very underrated

Dayle Turner

The horse in front stopped. Let’s have it right 😂

Reece Metallica

I thought it was going to be that horse who was tight right back for a minute but thought no way haha


…..started at Fontwell and finished at Worcester…no wonder they finished dog tired….😂


….one of the bigger fields at Fontwell…😉

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