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Check out our review and analysis of the 2021 Qatar Grand Prix.


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Noor Azfaruddin

It's show that MotoGP's tyres were more durable than F1's Pirelli P-Zero tyres. As proved in Losail Circuit, Qatar.


What happened to the voice


My audio has a weird voice..Am I the only one?


Give me back the old narrator. Thumb up if agree


Fuck……how do I change the voice on the video? I think I messed up my settings again 😩

Gea Lingeman

Hilarious that buy Toto's bollucks abt the engine in Qatar 😂 It was the new engine cos they despirately needed that win to stay in the race. Lewis kept the gap to Max abt 8/9 sec to shadow that is was actually the Brazil engine. They couldnt risk Max winning in Qatar making the point gap 21 😂 Toto tells lies. The illegal rear wing of Lewis will be OUT due to the new directive coming this week. In Brazil the new engine has already gotten more damage then planned due to their own DRS opening fail causing the DSQ… Read more »

Geert Matthys

This sounds like a guy doing a monty python skit

Will MagicMan

Where's the 'voice' we all love? This new voice sounds too contrived, and is nowhere near as good as the old one. I hope this isn't permanent.


Guess it's that's time, vacation 🍾 . Great upload as always!

Unja Kumkani

i dont like this new voice

Jordan James

Mate do your own voice. Don’t try and be like others before you, because he was better.

Randy Gravel

Wait. Isn’t it Sir Lewis Hamilton?


where is the old narrator?

Scorpion Bull

New sound good..
Same as old..💚👌

W Cooley

17 RIP Jules B

Ghat Heem

The new narrator sounds good.


I think Hamilton is going to hammer on for three in a roll. I can see he's tied his rasta hair to the back. Hopefully that will help to reduce the weight in the car for more speed.


maxine is really poised to win this WC 2021. Next week he will, i think

Bryan Perez

Red Bull are on the back foot big time. With Jeddah up next and Merc once again going to the Brazil package for a track with hardly any overtaking and a shitload of high speed corners and non existent breaking zones Red Bull is in some serious shit. Verstappen is out there basically helpless and The psychological momentum Hamilton has right now is reminiscent of what happened after Germany 2018.

jeff steyn

If only redbulls car could be powered by whining and tears… they would be the fastest.

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