UK General Election Betting Odds and Prediction 2022 –

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Will Boris Survive?


With what seems like constant controversy surrounding the Tory’s will PM Boris Johnson last the term or will he be forced into calling an early Election or even given a vote of no confidence?

The recent local elections (2022) was packed with surprises and must of left the Conservatives feeling nervous, losing big seats and adding more pressure to the Johnson rescheme.

Though Labour has taken the Tories’ “jewel in the crown”, its gains in England outside the capital have been more modest.

Despite the significant wins in Wandsworth, Margaret Thatcher’s “favourite council”, Westminster and Barnet, gains by Sir Keir Starmer’s party have been more modest elsewhere, but still positive considering the rebuild job undertaken by Starmer when taking the leadership on.

Party Gate:

Yes now we reach party gate and Sue Gray’s findings, we’ve all seen the pictures and all have an opinion. Personally the Prime Minister should hang his head in shame and walk (Basically Laughing in The Nations Face On Rules He Made) and £50 fines been handed out through-out the party, but this seems to of had a little effect on the polls really and it looks very much like he will ride it out.

Cost Of Living Crisis:

So the day after Sue Gray issued her report (unreal timing) the Government and Rishi Sunak make a huge statement to the UK. The promise of £400 to every house hold and further support based on circumstances using a levy tax on fuel companies after they made massive profits so not to come out of the tax payers pocket, A U-turn after saying they wouldn’t do this after it been suggested by labour, but will it be enough?

Betting Markets and Odds:

Most Seat:

Conservatives @8/11

Labour @11/10

Lib Dems @80/1

Any Other Party @300/1

So Betting Odds Suggest Cons stand strong but we think otherwise and see Labour @11/10 as great value.

Year Of Next Election:

2022 @16/1     2023 @4/1     2024 or later @1/6

Lets see what the next few weeks bring.

Overall Majority:

Conservative @9/4

Labour @7/2

No Overall Majority @8/11

Minority Government/Coalition:

Cons @5/2

Labour @10/3

Lab – Lib Dem Coalition @7/1

Con – Lib Dem Coalition @10/1

We will add our picks and Tips a bit closer to knowing when the election will take place, it will definitely be interesting.

All odds are correct at time of posting.

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