CONFIRMED! Ole Gunnar Solskjær SACKED by Manchester United


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been sacked as Manchester United manager…

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Stephens Ky

Was that rocket science to decide that he needed to have gone even earlier than Livepool neutering? His team was no longer ManU FC but Mandiv aka Mandivided.Much as he's a club legend, he was entirely reliant on luck as opposed to any tactics that could break down teams. On top if that, he had no clue what his strong team was- acquired players just to keep, too much tinkering of teams, lacked desire to win anything, and most notably was handing FA to a weakened Arsenal than fielding a strong team, and not to forget, Europa finals and getting… Read more »

G AsOkz

New manager please sell Maguire, Fred, Dalot and those who have past their prime career. We need to keep up with Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Anthony Munyi

The look on your faces when United announce the interim manager to take the club to the summer…. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer!

David Agardh

Ole destoyed this whole Man Utd squads self-confidence. Paulo Maldini was LCB & LB because he was Left footed btw. Luke Shaw is a LB for a reason. Savage. Btw I need to make it very clear for the rest of the world when I comment on Youtube & when I create on my own Youtube channel I never do it to get likes or views even tho Youtube literally deletes my views for obvious reasons that I will not go in on deeper on here. So it's important for you all to know that when you see my Comments… Read more »


Carrick is at the wheel 🤣🤣lol

Cali Sheikh Ibraahim

We will miss you Ole you are always a legend the team will remember U Thank you for your precious time🙏😰

Tonny Ochieng

Shoulda left after playing arsenal. SMH🙄🙄🙄

Ronie Iebach

for the owners and officials of man united, if you choose a coach don't be careless, choose a high-quality coach, have a winning mentality, and who has a sharp and good attacking philosophy, a quality coach, who deserves to train a big club, like man united is = Zidane from France, Eric Tenhag from Holland, Luis Enrique from Spain

pjd chan

It's always going to be the same story with UTD

Steffan Nicholas

Martin O'Niel is a manager I have always liked. He would take no crap in the dressing room. Maybe Keano come in too?. Imagine having to go into the dressing room down at half time to them. Would stay on the pitch till 2nd half instead.

Don McLean V2

He'll be back

Kev Irl

Can we hear from Rio? 😂😂😂😂

Kivaughn McIntosh

So happy about this😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆, even if he died it wouldn't matter to me, never in my wildest dreams I thought I would've so much hate for someone, especially that someone being solkjaer, but I set apart the sentiment from his as a player, it plays np part in his management, two different worlds, as a manager, what you did as a player has no significance. Get the hell out of United, I wish some other things could change about the club though but that's another story……

Dominare McFakename

I know I speak for the entire city of Liverpool when I say we're sad to see Ole relinquish the wheel.


It's a sad day for all of us accept man united you don't know what he did for us as people we will miss you óle ole ole ole ole ole

Lee Shaw

Start sacking over paid players for not performing they get away with to much

Mark Lydall

assassin……………shot down!

bernard oloo

He did his best….

Omar1 YT

I actually feel bad. Especially the conference last night the reporter was putting pressure on him asking if he is gonna lose his job.

craig Wynne

Glazers out and we need a good manager

Irish&freedom 23

Dought he got sacked think he said I can't bring the team any further


This pundits their dreams always come true when it comes to Manchester United .

George .j

New manager shouldn't listen to CR7 and should let him play 45 minutes only ..agree 👍

George .j

Whatever they brought as a manager he will do nothing more …… agree 👍 and we will see …….. soon

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