"You can’t lose to Watford 4-1!" | Jamie Carragher analyses Saturday’s Premier League results

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Jamie Carragher spoke after Liverpool’s 4-0 win over Arsenal,…

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Eamonn Byrne

If you look at Maguire's position when the ball is in the back of the net,most of the time he is outside the 18yard box looking around wondering what happened.
He is as useful as a chocolate teapot,80 million, and being Captain yea right🤣🤣🤣

Scola Nyaga

It is unfortunate that modern day football equates wins/losses as a determinant of players/teams ability to be professional football players, why can't Watford win by 4 goals….why can't that be the [email protected] Sports Football


People only hearing what they want to hear. Ole should go …. thats all everyone wants. No one listening to what Jamie said that the players have also been disgraceful in their performances, given their pay and class. Not solely Ole's fault

RG _Nald

Umm.. Yes you can .. and you did Loooool

Jason Deb

I told my housemate that he Will bottle the next game for Manu after seeing what Keane said about him . never did I imagine it would be this poetic lmao

Greg O'D

Where's Roy Keane when you need him?


"Mcguire is our hero !!!"

Watford fans

Alan MacLeod

"When that goals went in, sorry, them goals".



u literally lost 3-0 to them🧑🏽‍🦯🧑🏽‍🦯🧑🏽‍🦯🧑🏽‍🦯🧑🏽‍🦯


Too bad this wannabe defender maguire won't play against the champions of Europe CHELSEA in order to easily clap his team on Sunday. Without him they got a chance to grab a point actually.

Yuri Nader

Nah really Jamie! Damn he provides great insight!

Reece C

Bit disrespectful to Watford….

number 8

Worst I've seen utd in 40 years.


You can’t lose to Watford 4-1 🤷‍♂️ what a Poor statement to make,no team no matter how good or big they are have a Devine right to beat anyone that’s not how football works carragher should know it was only a couple of seasons ago Liverpool came to Watford and got there arses kicked 🤷‍♂️ that’s just pure snobbery on his part if week to week all the top sides won in the prem it wouldn’t be worth watching.


3:58 Love the way how Jamie is beaming when Gerrard win is mentioned. Proper mate!

Kevin Shanahan

A Colemanballs comment. “You can’t lose 4-1 to Watford”. Er that was the result.

dolleli teeluck

Why you can’t lose to Watford? Don’t discriminate teams! Only lfc, utd or City habe to always win?


But loosing 7-2 to aston villa is totally ok?

Jose Nino

Liverpool also lost to Watford 3 -0 … so please stop with underestimating opponents….

Hammad Fitness & Arm-wrestling

In a 6:58 video, they discuss Man Utd at 4:46. Really hate this from new channels. Talking about other Bs before getting to the title of video. Either change the topic or put that clip at the beginning
Pure click bait crap


Ole management was disgusting and scandalous. That's what resulted in those performances.

Enigma 47

Why he holding the mic so close to his mouth 😂

Diego Jefferies

well ……but the 'invincible' Liverpool lost to Watford 3:0 last year LOL

Steven Watson

Give some respect to Watford

Shaun L

He talks some amount of shite

Klopp and Liverpool lost 3-0 to Watford

Pep and City lost 4-0 away at Everton

Legion 187

Well you guys( liverpool) lost to Watford 3-0 2 seasons ago…so you the last person to tell "yOu Can'T losE 4-1 tO WatFord"

Damian Brown

The disrespect. Anybody can lose at anytime.

Daniel Windsor

Didn't Liverpool lose to Watford 3 0 few years back 🤣🤣

michael flynn

Waterford played well, great manager!!


Utd board are retards for sacking jose

Robert Nightmare by facts

Love the title can't loose to Watford 4-1, If your Fin Man utd YES YA CAN LOVE IT.

John Rock

"that team will have a blip" famous last words eh jamie? Lets see what happens.

Or did he mean slip 😂😂

John Jones

who has carra managed? what has he actually done since retiring?

Ash Donn

The same way you can't get beat of Aston villa 7-2


Liverpool lost 3-0 to Watford two season ago 😂


13 goals conceded in their last 5 matches.
You don't win a single thing with that statistic alone.


You can't lose to Watford 4-1 but you can lose to them 3-0 when you had not been defeated throughout the season 😂

jaden King

Didn’t Watford trash Liverpool a year or two ago?

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