UFC Fight Night Santos Vs Walker Betting Predictions

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Thiago Santos – TKO Round 2 (Santos’ ability to lead with a jab and control the distance may well prove the key to victory. If, as expected, Santos can ride an early wave of pressure in the first round, the former title challenger gains a huge upper hand. A tired Walker will overextend into counters, or perhaps, more importantly, allow Santos to out-wrestle Walker. Somewhat tongue in cheek, but Walker needs to go crazy in the first round and catch Santos unaware. The speed differential lies with Walker early. The 6’6″ monster needs to use his long frame in typically unorthodox manners – head kicks, spinning backfists, flying knees, etc. Through unorthodox shot selection, Santos will struggle to time Walker in the opening sequences and his declining explosiveness may be too slow to react to Walker)


Kevin Holland – Decision (This has all the makings of a bitter split decision. Are Daukaus’ takedowns are on a level necessary to get the better of Holland? Even if sporadically successful, Daukaus tires late and there is a realistic chance he exhausts himself by the final round. Holland’s less than spectacular TDD and willingness to fight off his back also make the prediction more difficult. On the feet, the skill disparity is far clearer. Sure, Daukaus is a durable fighter who could grit his teeth to close the distance. More likely is that Daukaus is content to sit at range, allowing Holland to dictate the pace, where Trailblazer’s powerful straight shots repeatedly land)


Niko Price – Decision (Of greatest importance in this fight are Price’s durability and deeper gas tank. Once Price starts to pressure on the feet, Oliveira will be forced to grind Niko against the cage. The Brazilian no longer has the tank to maintain it for three rounds, and that’s without considering Price’s decent defensive grappling. Still, Oliveira has a shout to win early. Price is weirdly durable, but his leaky striking defence is wide open for a fresh Oliveira)


Misha Cirkunov – Decision (There are reasons to like Jotko. The Pole possesses a lovely jab, decent eye for a counter and defensive grappling, but he just isn’t fun to watch. Without the power or speed to terrify Cirkunov, he will constantly be back-pedalling. Jotko will likely be safe enough boxing off the back-foot, but Cirkunov’s strength and wrestling edge are too important to ignore. Cirkunov may well struggle to find takedowns against swifter opponents at 185, but once on the mat, his oppressive top game will pay huge dividends)


Alexander Hernandez – TKO Round 2 (Hernandez has finally returned to his wrestling roots, slowly reviving the confidence that Donald Cerrone shattered in brutal fashion a couple of years back. Late-notice opponent, Mike Breeden, is a technically competent boxer, but he is happy to take his time in finding the finish. A leaky striking defence and total inexperience against solid competition indicate this will only end in a Hernandez victory. Maybe Breeden finds a late finish due to Hernandez’s questionable gas tank – but Breeden hasn’t had a full camp to prepare)

Joe Solecki – Decision (Gordon can be taken down somewhat easily, but for Solecki to gain a huge upper hand on the mat is quite the task. Solecki has an athletic advantage, but he has never faced a pressure first pace fighter such as Gordon. It’s a tough match-up to assess as it is literally a litmus paper test – I’m favouring the prospect to possess the composure necessary to overcome an uncomfortable, experienced opponent)

Casey O’Neill – Decision (Casey O’Neill hasn’t shone too brightly in the UFC yet, but her aggressive takedown pursuits have been more than enough in her early career. Antonina is alright off her back, but opponents who wrestle Shevchenko often find the win. Antonina’s technical edge may garner the judge’s eyes, but her consistently awful decision making will likely see her lose once again)

Karol Rosa – Decision (Rosa is burning hot in the UFC. It’s no wonder as the powerful, wily striker stripped away Joselyn Edwards length with violent leg kicks last time out. Rather than trade with the ancient Bethe Correia, Rosa will likely hit reactive takedowns and smother Correia to keep total control over the scorecards)

Devonte Smith – Decision (A lack of notable athleticism will cap Mullarkey’s ceiling, yet the Aussie’s stellar chin and relentless pressure can drag prospects into deep waters and break them. Smith, however, is a quality striker who should be able to keep Mullarkey at the end of his reach. While Smith fell to John Gunther, basically a stripped-down Mullarkey, it was a few years ago and very early in the prospect’s career. If Smith’s TDD holds up, he should pip Mullarkey in a tough fight.)

Douglas Andrade – TKO Round 1 (A hard-hitter for the weight class, Andrade is a stocky fridge who will defy age in a favourable stylistic match-up. Granted, Andrade is having to cut extra weight by moving to Bantamweight, but his ferocious front-foot volume is primed to break Pirrello physically and mentally)

Stephanie Egger – Submission Round 2 (A solid enough grappler, Egger lacks experience despite her thirty-three years of age. Young’s durability won’t face heavy fire against the awfully sloppy hands of Egger, yet her TDD certainly will. The kickboxer’s awkward scrambles will struggle under the sustained wrestling pressure from Egger, and will likely fall in a dreadfully sloppy fight)

Alejandro Perez – Decision (Eduardo’s age is unknown, as is his current state. A low-output counter striker, the old man carries silly power for the weight but he is athletically unable to set a scorecard winning pace. Perez may well be a split decision machine, yet his volume should see the Mexican pull ahead on the scorecards after a tricky first round)

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