UFC Fight Night Max Holloway Vs Yair Rodriguez Betting Predictions


Max Holloway – Decision (Can Holloway deal with Rodriguez’s exceptional kicking game? The Mexican doesn’t employ a consistent, educated approach – but instead picks creative shots on the spot. While Holloway is famed for his pace and volume, Rodriguez has never shied away from a high pace fight. As a result, Rodriguez will remain dangerous throughout the entirety of the fight. Banking on a hail mary is never safe, however. Rather, Holloway’s feints will continually force Rodriguez into showing his hand and biting on fruitless counters which remove the threat of his power)

Ben Rothwell – Submission Round 2 (Big Ben has adapted his style in his twilight, centring focus on volume punching despite a fading gas tank. While the veteran can out-class most at Heavyweight on the feet, a division devoid of talent, he simply cannot last at the pace he sets himself. That shouldn’t matter much against de Lima. The Brazilian carries huge power, but it’s hard to disagree with the overwhelming view that de Lima panic wrestles himself into a Big Ben front choke)

Felicia Spencer – Submission Round 3 (Letson has a significant striking advantage against Spencer but she will have no space to operate on Saturday night. Spencer’s physicality will prevent Letson from ever settling into combinations, and will force the fight into a gruelling slog that only benefits the Canadian. Spencer’s submission game hasn’t popped off in the UFC (bar the scalp of Megan Anderson), but the most obvious path to victory is choking out the rusty prospect)

Miguel Baeza – Decision (This is certain to be a banger. Khaos Williams is a freakishly powerful counter-puncher, while Baeza offers high-volume technical boxing. Williams’ patience on the outside allows him to remain a threat deep into fights. On the flip side, Williams’ can in turn overcook the timing of his counters and let the fight pass him by. I’m backing Baeza’s early leg kicks to make the difference)

Song Yadong – Decision (While it would be entertaining as hell to see Yadong and Arce slam head-first into each other, Yadong’s pace would break Arce by the later rounds. Yadong’s natural athleticism has proven more than enough to carry him when the going gets tough. Add on a recently refined jab, and Yadong appears a cut above the unranked masses)

Thiago Moises – Decision (Is it finally time for the Spaniard to break out in front of the spotlight? Aside from a few decent kicks, Alvarez remains dead-set on taking the fight to the mat and pulling out one of his many submissions. Unfortunately for Alvarez, Moises is a wonderful grappler who can effectively shut down the Spaniard’s strongest weapons. Moises volume on the feet will sweep the scorecards if neither man takes this to the ground)

Sean Woodson – TKO Round 3 (Anglin’s only chance is to walk down Woodson and create an ugly, grinding clinch affair. Anglin lacks the power or veteran experience of Julian Erosa, but Anglin can exploit Woodson’s flailing gas tank if he can survive the early rounds without shipping too much damage. Woodson’s relentless volume and clear technical edge will prove too much for Anglin, however)

Cortney Casey – TKO Round 3 (An awful fight. Cortney Casey always drags herself into a back-and-forth affair, regardless of the quality of the opponent. Still, Casey will prove too much for Jojua. Without the avenue for the armbar, Jojua is a sitting duck to Casey’s volume in the pocket)

Marc Diakiese – Decision (The Brazilian carries decent power himself and has a more diverse striking arsenal that could pip Diakiese in a fire-fight. Unfortunately for Alves, he too often searches the kill while Diakiese has matured into a crafty round-snatcher. Diakiese cannot afford a sloppy takedown, however, in fear of Alves’ submission threat)

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