UFC 267 Brain Ortega Vs Alexander Volkanovski Betting Predictions

115 points

Alexander Volkanovski – Decision (One of the best attributes a champion can have is a willingness to disregard fans and fight aesthetics. Volk has regularly shown his ability to drop his ego and fight to a steady if ugly game plan. Although their respective styles are planets away, Volk could opt for a grinding clinch approach that found him great success against Aldo. Rather than trade on the feet, even with a 2″ reach on Ortega, Volk could choose to utilise his powerful stocky base to keep Ortega pinned against the fence and draw out an ugly, unceremonious victory. That does increase the likelihood of the fight hitting the mat, however, and unnecessarily draws in the threat of Ortega’s submission chops. The main advantage Ortega will find is his chin. Volk is a powerful striker, but his style doesn’t push him towards stoppages unless he needs to match an opponent’s intensity (i.e. Chad Mendes). Ortega can utilise the full twenty-five minutes to find ‘that shot’ or ‘that submission’. T-City’s career tendency to drop every round in his career before finding the finish leaves Volk the safer fighter to back, especially when considering the Aussie’s consistency in the octagon. An excellent fight that could easily open up an immediate rematch)


Valentina Shevchenko – Submission Round 4 (Shevchenko’s masterful control of distance will leave Murphy stranded at range. It is incredibly unlikely that Murphy has the technical prowess to pressure Valentina to the cage, leaving a typical point fighting bout that the Champ prefers. On the outside, Shevchenko can utilise angles to hit a dreadfully slow Murphy, relatively free. There is a small glimmer of hope for Murphy, who often drags herself to victory through durability and competent pocket boxing. Jennifer Maia caused a couple issues for Shev based on her physical prowess, and Murphy’s grit could see her replicate that success, but it just isn’t likely)


Robbie Lawler – Decision (This could be a front-runner for the saddest fight of the year. A strange last-minute jump up to Middleweight, a doughy physique on the scales, and worrying pre-fight interviews – there is a growing belief that Nick’s heart isn’t totally in the fight. On paper, forgetting all the mitigating circumstances, the style match-up remains unchanged. Nick’s pace and volume overwhelms Lawler’s power-striking (especially now the vet cannot pull the trigger). Still, even with Lawler throwing almost nothing of note for the past four fights, Nick 2.0 is currently an unknown entity)


Curtis Blaydes – TKO Round 2 (Rozenstruik is a powerful counter-puncher, but his takedown defence is far worse than even Derrick Lewis’ meme TDD. If an over-the-hill Alistair Overeem managed to take down Rozenstruik during the early rounds, Blaydes will find no trouble. Worse yet for Rozenstruik, a killer ground and pound artist. Hellbows are a terrifying weapon. Bigi Boy’s power is certainly there to punish Blaydes, a notorious telegrapher of entries, but his time on the feet will be limited from the outset)


Jessica Andrade – Decision (Ideally, Calvillo will fight behind her jab. Despite frustrating inconsistencies, Calvillo has at times shown her ability to use her jab to work at range and wheel laterally around the border of the octagon. Sadly, it is too easy to see Calvillo willingly allowing Andrade to out-work her on the feet. Her meat-headed aggression could see her walking straight into Calvillo’s guard, but the Brazilian’s freakish chin is a comical but vitally effective weapon for closing the distance)

Merab Dvalishvili – Decision (Perhaps it’s the age, or the miles on the body considering a thirty-fight career, but Moraes has fallen to the way-side. Dvalishvili is a cardio freak, consistently latching onto takedowns and forcing a brutal pace. It’s a difficult task to out-wrestle Moraes, especially early on, but this may just be a case of perfect match-making timing. If Moraes cannot land his power early to slow Dvalishvili’s pace, the Brazilian’s gas tank will falter by the third round)

Dan Hooker – TKO Round 1 (A variety of circumstances could influence this fight. Both fighters have been impacted by commissions, COVID-protocols and late weight cuts. Under normal circumstances, however, the Hangman should crush Haqparast. Knowing Haqparast’s slow starts, Hooker can force Haqparast into making a sloppy, early mistake before punishing the Afghan in a dogged war in the pocket. Haqparast is a striking bully who needs to have total control over pace to slowly unravel his striking layers. Hooker’s gas tank is an issue and he is coming off of a shock first-round knockout, but Haqparast hasn’t yet shown the ability to fly out the blocks and tame Hooker early)

Chris Daukaus – Decision (There is no denying that Chris Daukaus has made a name with a string of three first-round finishes, but we are yet to be able to gauge his ceiling. Fleet footwork and crisp combinations have proven far too slippery for the cumbersome masses in unranked 265lbs. Abdurakhimov is a different beast, however. A crafty, technical boxer, only inactivity and age could stop this being an equal affair)

Taila Santos – Decision (A wealth of experience, methodical striking and savvy on the mat keeps Modafferi relevant in the UFC. Coming off of a knee surgery, however, leaves questions marks over Modafferi’s already hampered physicality. Worse yet, Santos is an athletic beast who is difficult to nudge when she works her on top)

Uros Medic – TKO Round 1 (This is a real barn-burner hidden on the prelims. A swarming creative striker with a lethal finishing rate, if Medic can stay on the front foot, it is difficult to see how the Southpaw doesn’t eventually find Turner’s chin. This is the first fight against an opponent with a vastly larger reach though, giving up 6″ to Turner, which could create an interesting dynamic that Medic will have to work inside. If Turner is to fight smart, he could fight behind his reach for the first round and drag Medic deep into the fight – but the aggressive striker loves to trade too much for his own good)

Matt Semelsberger – TKO Round 3 (A crisp volume striker, Semelsberger drowned Carlton Minus and Jason Witt in volume. Neither Minus nor Witt are stellar opponents, but Sano hasn’t fought for four years so equals pequals. With such a long time on the sidelines, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Sano represents as a fighter now, but the form fighter has to be backed)

Omar Morales – Decision (Pearce is a size bully who will meet his match on Saturday night. Owning a solid chin and an excellent eye to make reads on opponents, Morales is an efficient counter-puncher who Pearce will struggle to takedown)

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