Jason Herzog Is The Best Ref In MMA

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1 warning. 1 point.

Perfect refereeing and something that should be done for every foul. Even accidental, the fighter will make sure they don’t do it again if they are aware they will lose a point.

Niko Price’s eye poke definitely wasn’t intentional but he repeatedly did it and that needs to be squashed, because it majorly effects the fight. You could visably see the damage it did to Donald Cerrones fight. Main event, Woodley takes a eye poke leading to a potential scratch.

Not to mention it’s becoming a more common strategy because the judge always gives a warning BEFORE deducting so you pretty much have 2 free eye pokes on your opponent and 2 free dick kicks.

Jason Herzog is the benchmark all refs should go by.

“Not you, him”

  • Jason Herzog

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