Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Odds Arrive at BetUS (American Users) Ahead of Jury Verdict –

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We’ve not found a UK Market as of yet but will keep searching! We at Degen are team Johnny so here is the betting. BetUS link.

Will Johnny Depp Cry After Hearing The Jury’s Verdict?

Will Johnny Depp Look At Amber Heard After Hearing The Jury’s Verdict?

How Much Money Will Johnny Depp Be Awarded If He Wins The Trial?

  • Over 50M US Dollars -120
  • Under 50M US Dollars -120

What Will Be The Predominant Colour Amber Heard Wears The Day Of The Verdict?

  • Black -200
  • Grey +150
  • Blue +300
  • Any other +550

If we was obligated to bet on the outcome the under 50 million and Depp not crying seems like a lock. Our predictions is that Depp will get the verdict he wants, he will get up, thanks his lawyers, and walk out pretty quickly. We also don’t see a world where Amber Heard pays 50 million. We don’t know much about her, which means we’re guessing 50 million bankrupts her immediately. If we was feeling spicy I’d also add Heard to wear black during the verdict.

The Most Clear Evidence:

Neumeister said he believes photos of Heard’s bruises were modified

Neumeister testified in court that he believed photos presented in the case were modified.

The digital forensics expert stated that his job in this case was to analyze some of the photos Heard took of the bruises on her arm and face.

He told the court that the three photos had gone through photo editing software, because the photos ‘don’t match forensically’ and ‘had to go through some type of transformation to change sizes.’

Neumeister said the analytics showed that the file was not from an iPhone, but from a software editing program.

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