Who will come out on top in this year's title race? 🥇 | Redknapp, Richards & Keane


The Super Sunday panel analysed this season title race involving…

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Abdirisak Awes

Manchester United!

Steven Johnson

I am a complete natural.
I like all 3 teams/clubs, actually 2 really, M.C and Liverpool.
But I think Chelsea, will finish top.


Liverpool will win the league

Fusion Super

Chelsea have the edge, due to strength in depth and that they have players that can fill roles vacated by those absent through injury or suspension.

Liverpool are another cast iron contender, but they have been suspect in recent times of leaking a couple of goals.

City have not got a recognised forward striker. Yet they are undisputed from all directions of the squad.

Nevertheless it will be very difficult to call.

Warren Reidy

Robbie Keane – useless pundit and talks some shite!

Maximus Capacitus

I have no doubt that Chelsea will win the league this season (not a fan btw) but I do have an honest question. Is it Tuchel or the choice of players that will determine their victory? You can only choose one!

dilly hill

City for me


Liverpool and City have done it before which makes a massive difference but Chelsea look very strong defensively honestly as a Liverpool fan I can’t predict who’ll win it but I’m looking forward to the race

Steven Hearnden

Redknapp is a charlatan.


City are so good but imagine when they get a striker🥵

The Hairy Snot

In terms of punditry
Roy Keane is a Rolls Royce

Robbie Keane is a push scooter

Tim Kelbie

Keane saying that Liverpool have more strength in depth than Chelsea is the reason we don't see him doing punditry too often

Calum Barton

Robbie Keane hasn’t got a clue talking about Liverpools strength and depth lol especially saying it’s better than Chelsea’s lol

Patrick Grace

Robbie Keane is a shocking pundit!!!

Matthew Wright

Man City don't need a striker so half a team of defenders and half a team of midfielders with plenty of cover…City can win in lower gears imo and their defence is stronger. Hope I'm wrong and Liverpool win but my fear is how vital positions as vvd salah mane and allison do not have that top notch cover not just for injuries but also for the times needed to take them off in games, Liverpool don't win most games as easy as City so our top performers have to play the full 90. Chelsea have such a strong squad,… Read more »

Alan ( haggis muncher)

There going to give man u the run around this weekend

Craig Waters


Nasar Ali

as a liverpool fan I think chelsea will win premiership and liverpool will do the treble on all the cups competition


People massively overrating Chelsea they will drop off later on – their top scorers are defenders 😂 anyone who thinks that's good is deluded, I'm x1000 more scared of City than Chelsea. City are a much more balanced team with an impregnable defence and ferocious attack. Chelsea are park the bus FC

Mark Power

Chelsea will not be worried about CL, City will go for this comp , it's number one priority.

George Hansen

City,Liverpool, Chelsea in that order..they have proved it over the last few seasons. When Chelsea go on a 12/15 game winning streak in the league,I'll say they have what it takes. People talk about Liverpools lack of squad depth and mention last season,remember they had 3 centre backs out all at once,midfielders playing at the back,leaving the midfield empty,now we have 4 fully fit Central defenders,8 midfielders and 5 strikers if you include Origi,a champions league final scorer,not many of them about in the Premier league I'm sure lol! But on a serious note,Manchester City will still be the team… Read more »

Shane Mcclean

Liverpool have more strength in depth than chelsea? Seriously ? Sake keane.😂

Matthew Lee

You can put Carrick in that thumbnail now after tonight's mauling of Villareal.

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