Gary Neville reacts to Man Utd SACKING Ole Gunnar Solskjær!


Gary Neville reacts to Ole Gunnar Solskjær being sacked as…

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P Marsh

Sky – yawn yawn yawn covering this story. There are 19 other clubs in the premier league you know Sky!

Daniel O Neill

They are still there for the money

Abdirisak Awes

Thank you Ole! All the best!

James JK

LOOOOOOOOOOL this guy is a joke but not as much of a joke as manu

Rob Stanley

Utd players were spineless.. Both Neville and Ferdinand were full of it when Solskjaer took over. Are they gonna be the same if Carrick gets them through CL next week. Those players should be ashamed. No matter how you set up. They are experienced enough to know how to play football.


ole's available for interim…!!

Snooker Da Dooka

Gary 'Managers should be given 2-3 years but I sack them whenever the wind changes direction' Neville.

Nkem AG. Michael

Completely hopeless discredited pundit Gary Neville is……as hopeless ashis friend Solksjaer

Nigel Wilbor

It all went wrong after Ronaldo's arrival ironic or not ?

Phillip Morris

The first thing they need to do is change the captain, Harry Maguire is absolutely hopeless as captain, it would probably be an improvement if he left the club, along with a few others

paul green

Maybe they should sack the players


Neville and keane for united managers

Zahirul Islam Jewel

He is a joke of a pundit. Always getting busted by Carra.

Kristóf Jakab

At least he can get the Salford job now


Kinda glad he’s gone. I could never pronounce his last name…

Just Hurricane

Gary doesn't think any club would have prepared a replacement for Solskjaer in case they sack him? Thank god its not Gary making decisions at a big football club then…


Overrated players gary, simple as. Throw in a manager who is far too nice and loyal (aint cut out for the job) players will see that and take the hand. Until the club makes the new manager the main man again and put fear into the players, then they will never do anything.

Jawaad Khan

The fact that people keep blaming fred and not Maguire as much proves English fans mostly don't care how English players play they'll just protect and hype them.. fred is shite but Maguire is definitely the worst worst defender I've ever seen

Shane W

Lol people are unbelievable. When Ole scores the winning goal in the 1999 UCL Final vs Munich, he was classed a hero by fans. Now, everyone hates on him. How can all the blame be put on the manager ? He's not out there playing. It's the players who should take responsibility and perform. They were shocking against Watford. Running around like headless chickens, no defence etc. They don't care because they're immune. What's the worse that can happen ? They get put on the bench. They're still getting paid regardless. If you started deducting players earnings for poor performances,… Read more »

Hassan Javed

OLE failed to do everything a manager is supposed to do … yea….no surprise…he is only to blame himself

Big Moncrief

The most successful ex Ferguson player is Steve Bruce, by a country mile. The rest are just gobby pundits with a handful of failed managerial posts between them.
And yet Sky always rush straight to them first for their opinion on anything.


Bruno was wrong Gary N!! He wants to go like that to fans …do it on the pitch where it counts! When players arent applauding fans they are looking for pity ..joke and Bruno is a joke!


Spurs should take Linngard on a free.

Prince Mends

Gary give Carrick the job .lol

Mikiyase Gebreselasse

Watch Carrick beat Valencia and get the full time job.

Silly Bolox

A good player does not make a good manager . It's basic marketing by the yanks. Ask Lampard

Carl Dane Laubscher

why does Ole look so old and frail




what happened in the last 2 months? CR7 happened… Just saying …im leaving now…rethink what I have said, it's not CR7's fault at all but reflect about it… you, who are reading me, knows the team didn't need him, we bought him because we didnt wanted to leave him to man city… but we didn't need a player like him, Cavani presses more and scores goals, we lost the very few press we had before him, now the forward part of the pitch doesnt press, exposes the mid field who is not good enough and then it exposes the defenders… Read more »

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