UFC 268: Alex Pereira Octagon Interview


UFC middleweight Alex Pereira made quite the statement in his UFC debut at UFC 268 in the featured prelim bout on Saturday with a flying knee TKO win early in the second…

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ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij

adesanya will retire before he rematches this guy


Learn to speak English!!


Where has been all this time this genius, the guy that kick adesanya's ass

For Anyone Who Cares

Adesnya is scared as sht.

Tone Montana11

He ain’t messing Izzy at all lol, this ain’t kicking boxing boy

Auzi O

I want Alex vs Khamzat, it would be a gift from God (or Dana White)

Damien Breslin

Pereira vs Izzy in the cage has been my most anticipated fight for YEARS. Cant believe its finally in motion 👌

Kevin Zuniga

Learn English or no one cares


If Izzy ends up fighting this dude struggles on the feet we could see him implement wrestling and possibly jiu jitsu as well as I’m sure he definitely has to have the grappling advantage. And I’m just gonna say that there is no shame in Izzy doing that because it is literally called Mixed martial arts after all. I know people might clown Izzy for doing that if Alex gets the better of him on the feet but what do you expect Izzy to do, just lie down and accept defeat? No you gotta find other avenues to win and… Read more »


You need reach height to beat Izzy, and this guy has it all.


The fact that he didn't even mention Izzy makes it even more scarier than his KO power

Latto Boy

Joe Rogan said “ I am here with the winner Alex Perrera” lol. 👀😄

John Potts

Him vs izzy gonna be a banger tho


This Naruto V Sasuke 2 if it happens

YoursTruly TrulyYours

Hopefully he can beat the wrestlers in the division and fight izzy for a belt

Marty Kamarudeen Usman

He will KO Izzy mark my words

Wilhelm marak

Finally izzy's got some challenge🔥

23mend23 ATTgmailcom

You can tell Joe Rogan was happy to stand next to this assassin. I was very very happy to see Alex perform a fantastic UFC debut. I'm glad he's in the UFC. I will pay every time he's on a paperview.

Dr. Diaz

When is adesanya announcing his retirement?


Can’t wait for him to climb up his way to Izzy. That would be a crazy fight

Vicious Bulldog Kennel

Izzy was talking about how this guy was a nobody in one of his interviews looks like he becoming a somebody an if the UFC lines him up for success with the right opponents we could be seeing a rematch…

Andrew Farley

“Lets take a look at that knockout.” Proceeds to show everything but the knockout.
UFC standard in replays as far back as i can remember. God how are they still so bad at camera work

Nikolai Rose

This man sounds and looks manly as fuck. If ever there were a guy to get knocked out by. You would like it to be a tough good looking guy like this.

Gekyume XXX

Joe was like a kid seeing his favorite toy

A. Smith

The UFC is a different animal. Alex has long trek to the top.

Ren Nohara

iwish This guy ainged early

A kid n his dad

First time izzy uses wrestling lol

C Money

Izzy beats him easy different fighters now, he doesn’t get past Top 10 fighters


If you’re taller than 6 ft you beat izzy

lorelei whitcombe

Humble and said thank you. Like him already.


Still not clear how Michailidis got his eye busted but if was a clich punch , other fighters will be shitting their pants to accept a fight

josh crossley

Alex "the sith" Pereira


sheit this guy is scary as hell bruh

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