UFC 268: Zhang Weili Octagon Interview


Former strawweight champion Zhang Weili speaks to Joe Rogan after her loss to Rose Namajunas Saturday at UFC 268.

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LaLa LaLa



Weili thanked all the audiences not just the chinese this interpreter mistranslated


Just like every other competitive sport it’s all rigged…

al tower

Weili queriendo imitar los derribos de Valentina Shevchenko pero aún le falta perfeccionarlos.

Anthony Martinez

Zhang got very close in one moment she almost finished Rose the bell saved her Zhang did super and definitely is a force to deal with she proved everyone very wrong the fight wasn’t even close to the first. Zhang definitely a top fighter maybe a third fight and we see Zhang win we shall see what goes down for now….

Anthony McLaughlin

Bisbing in the background looking like a thirsty fan who cant get an autograph

amg amg

I still don't understand man, is it that hard to hire a better translator?!? Why can't Weili's team just hire a good translator?? The translator pretty much represent Weili and when u have a bad one, it gives a bad image to the world as well. Come on…!

Jason rodriguez

She just wanted to be accepted by the American Crowd and fans after being booed last time..

Anthony Dizon

am i the only one who thinks she got robbed? rose literally layed and prayed the last two rounds

Paul Tu

Zhang Weili needs to get a better translator.

Ronald Kalingo Narag

Watch out for this dragoness Chinese warrior.She'll spit fire on her next fight.🐉🐲

RickO Tater

This is fighting, not a love fest and a time to hear a loser give an inspirational message. By the way, don’t make it racist, just go to bellator with the rest of the losers.

Zach Attack

Everyone mad about this forgetting UFC is in USA, like come on…If it was in China you don't think it'd be the other way around? Look up the word "bias"

karkour khawla

She did very well


Trying to give Weili her moment and the camera pans out to roses team. What crock of shit bullshit respect is that?

Bryan Lopez

I feel like the camera bs was all F politics, not right UFC, clearly there’s something going against weili

dread knot

Zhan the best reason she amazing fighter she trained with saenchai before

Debu I N A

Sorry but Rose was the clear winner her strikes landed on spot and had the power in them weilli lost out on that. Rose unlike Joanna is much more stronger and talented no doubt about it.

Max Jones

1:27 saf


I think rose won the fight as well but, she was a gangsta in this fight. Respect. But, supporting communism, very uncool.

Wattson Paquette

ONE CHAMPION is better then UFC

Johnny Thao

I miss the OG translator sometimes 🙁

Phoenix Zhang

Why would the camera man showed Rose while Weili was talking? So sneaky rude!


Everyone stop watching UFC. Weili is clearly the winner


Rose is honestly my favorite women's fighter, I got so much respect for her and I really am glad she's still champion, but Zhang deserved that I'm sorry

Francisco Salles

Precisa legenda para o português. Não entendo bulhufas do que disseram. Nem todos sabem inglês. Fica sendo vídeo inútil.

James D

Was kind of disrespectful for them to have the camera on rose during half of zhangs interview

Mark Sabean

Their boing because she’s from communist China. FJB

Tushar Anand

First they gave 49-46 to her and then they cut the shot to Rose hugging her parents while she was still speaking!
That was quite disrespected in my opinion

Alvin tracey temporary channel

I was impressed with Zhang very much close fight love how rose can take a shot everyone knows her offensive skills are amazing but never knocked down by a strike she has a chin

Juan Sanchez

ROBBERY… not a huge robbery but cmon it was a clear 3 rounds to Weili

Salaa Eleele

Zhang Weili is the WINNER☝️the first 3rounds👊ROBBERY for sure☝️


The bald girl was too scared to fight in the 5th, just lay there. Embarrassing.

Marria Garam

It's sad that you lost but why camera have to focus on Rose???


You take no ones belt with Zhangs performance. If you think otherwise your not much of a fighter. Rose dominated her at her own ground game tactics. She got worked. She loss

Panic Rabbit

That translator doubles as a hypeman


本来不想说话 看到 摄像机 这么拍摄 明显 对选手 不尊重吗 多么好的 比赛 看到选手进步 还有进步 咋地 输二次 不给面子 瞧不起谁呀 请尊重选手 不管哪个国家


Love zhang weili

Thaisa Gomes

united states parents racist and prejudiced rose disgusting and prejudiced rose fans are racist and prejudiced ,ufc racist and prejudiced, fans are really dumb, they bought a story Told by rose, and they don't see how arrogant she is, weili and a person deserves respect, she's not the government of china, she's so respectful, that when they talk about it, she just cuts it off,rose is disgusting, and download played dirty, at least should portray with weili since the fight they stole china remains strong 🇨🇳

Banana Rama

I genuinely thing Zhang won this. Rose turned up in the last rounds but I had Zhang up 3-0.

Muju Banton

Weili won, yankees just wont accept it. Wannabe thug

Jas Goh

Zhang you are already finish , you can’t beat Rose 🌹.

Brievengat 020

She is the first Asia born fighter ever win this ufc title, she forever has my respect, keep going strong sweetheart whenever you win or lose💝

Foxhole FightClub


Obitrice For life

Weili has come a long way. Win or lose I’ll support her.

Always Abundance

Rose .. "I am The Best" … only when WeiLi is at her worst!!!😄😝😄

Freki Bodgaedir

Weili displays herself better than any other champion. Hope she comes back to the belt.

中華正統 Stand with Taiwan

Joe:All right,I'm here with Zhang Weili….
➡️Filming Rose….

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