England's BEST World Cup Qualifying goals in 2021!


After securing qualification with victory over San Marino, sit back…

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Luke Jones

Mounts goal vs Belgium?


Great opponents tho 👊🏻

Chris Morgan

England Group opposition was shocking.

Fusion Super

This video is absolutely trash because it is heavily dominated by Kane's strikes. Either fix this and feature all of the goals from EVERYONE and not just Kane or don't bother at all!!!!!

gray plob

Foden – seriously good. Similar to Scholes – just never wastes a pass. Get used to it, we are one of the elite teams in Europe.

Charlie Williams

I like it i like it ohhhh saka and Emile smith row


What a trophy for England

Imagine hyping this up


My guy


Never play good teams. It’s boring now.

Kevin O'gorman

Come on! What a waste of everyone’s time and effort. Do we have to stop the premier league for rubbish games like this. They should be in their own qualifying group. San Marino, Andorra, etc etc…only one of them qualifies to get battered by the big guns.What have we learned really?

George F

That blinder by Kane against Poland doesn't get talked about enough. For the lemmings saying "he doesn't score against the better teams".

S Mac

All this has proved to me is that Jordan Henderson doesn't get the respect he deserves

Aaron T

flat track bullies

Jack Howard

Kane's goal against Poland, for me 🔥


Although we have played some bum teams, we have scored some cracking goals – including Messi Henderson's one.

M.Y 115

Henderson doesn't exist?

HD football

How have they left Hendersons goal out🤣

Red Panda Agency Entertainment

I didn’t know San-Marino has a national football team.

Leslie Allen

Wait until we get to play world class teams,then see how good we are.

Jeff Bob

Wheres rices goal


Why are world cup and euros qualifiers interchangeable on youtube titles?

MJ Music

90% sweaty goals
10% Jesse


Turn the music off you fools! Awful edit. Playing a bed track suggests the other content is not worthy.

John Whelan

Of course an English news channel brings out a goal show ONLY for one national team

Mod 66

All of these goals are meaningless.


We have such a promising team for the years to come. e.g Foden and saka


Wait who did we play?

Jay Hubbard

Where is scotlands ?


Henderson’s goal not in the mix?! Must be Joking.


Kane scored 12 in 7 starts and the 3 games he didn't start were Andorra twice and San marino at home. man could've had 20 🤣


Buyaka sakas pass was great and good goals


Fun Fact, if San-Marino wanted to buy Harry kane for 100 Million, it would cost each citizen of the country £2,941

That Cardiff City Fan

How am I suppose to enjoy these goals I'm a Wales fan

musa Hussain

England had to play against someone they had to compete against and lanes been amazing these qualifiers

Pep is a bald fraud

England playing farmers they will get rinsed if they play any good team

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