"United are so off it, it's UNBELIEVABLE!" | Roy Keane disappointed after 'poor' Man Utd performance


Roy Keane did not hold back when analysing the Manchester derby after…

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Spic Liberal

That blonde is so chuncky, she can barely fit on her chair.

Pierro Deluci

Ole's tactics white board just says "good luck today lads!" with a smiley face.

Rashmi Chavda

And ofcourse Keano is so right as per usual….but even he’s deflated here 😩😭….sucked the life out of him!!! That’s sad!! Really sad!! 😢

Adam Brown

Roy Keane has every right to say whatever he wants about utd. He gave his blood sweat and tears for the the club. He must be embarrassed by just the mentality let alone the quality of 80% of the players!

Ashley Ennever

Studio falling apart @5:07

bcvbb hyui

United needs a player like Keene, a leader that ain’t afraid to set the tone with physicality.

Demilade Falaiye

I missed the game caused i slept off and i so much dread watching the highlights. I will, someday though when everything looks better again

wuoi zuiu

“I might smash into someone, just to make me feel better, ” Classic Roy!

M Shabangu

Roy never refers Alex as Sir Alex Ferguson. In all his interview.



Paul Mclaren

I totally agree with Keane and im a city fan of 42 years.


How many of the current squad would make it into a Fergie team?

It's easy to blame Ole, and of course he has to take some blame, but the transfer dealings since Fergie left have been a shambles. Give them their dues, the Glazers have spent a lot of money on players, so it's not down to a lack of investment, it's a lack of talent in those in charge of recruitment.

mmpj twod

minutes, as a collective and cohesive unit.

Humble Servant

Keane should be the next man u manager so that he can put his money where his mouth is!

Zaukir Bostan

Disgraceful Man U fans deserve this mediocre manager, the board and coaching staffs. Support Ole rather than the club and you will get performance like that. Ole has ruined VDB, Pogba, Sancho and will ruin the King Ronaldo's last dance at theatre of Dream. It sickens me to be Man U fan, listen to Rio, Roy and Gary supporting Ole is absolutely disgusting. I hate to watch any football now because of Ole and how good rivals are doing.

Loui G

Wait what's going in with the wall? 😂




i know the peformances are bad against their biggest rivals, but put things into perspective, it's only points lost that they would probably expect to lose. man utd's biggest issue is not beating the aston villas of this world.


Keane for manager

alida flus

minutes, as a collective and cohesive unit.

Dan Cooper

Imagine if that bit of perspex fell on Keane near end. Would have been TV gold


Manutd be in championship soon.

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