Trueshan and Hollie Doyle are the staying champions again at Ascot!

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Trueshan was a brilliant winner of the Qipco British Champions Long Distance Cup, the first race on Champions Day at Ascot.

Starting as the well-backed evens favourite under Hollie…

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Edmond Scott

Dylan Browne Mcmonagle gets blamed by Frankie for not yielding a bahn frei. What rubbish. Dylan ride your own races. You will probably be jocked off by you know who at some points.

Bobby Knox

Blaming another jockey for your position in a race makes you look like a tool. He should know better. And yeah it probably would of won the amount of ground it made up but it didn't. That's racing. And if your gonna ride a horse like Jamie Spencer your gonna get beat! 🤣🤣🤣

Gary Richard's

I think the jockey Ryan Moore should retire

Matt Rogers

Considering how bad the ride was, Strads done extremely well to finish that close. How people can say "engines gone" is beyond me

john cavin

yes and apparently very hypocritical he was given a formal police caution for illegal drug use and fined in the Melbourne Cup I find his comments rather shameful especially with his previous record for bias horse race event the British horse race authority want to come down more firmly with bias jockeys the amount of apparent bias event in horse racing beggars belief I find his comments a complete disgrace when riding stratavious lets hope the other jockey takes over and gets the spot light


Well done to Trueshan. Also to Tashkhan, trained by Brian Ellison. This is one of the best by a horse trained by Brian Ellison on the flat.

Secretariat Girl

Hollie! A couple of years ago I spoke with here on a teleconference call during the fundraising event for Disabled Jockeys. She was riding here in the States at the time…Love seeing her ride…and win! I was rooting for Stradivarius, but it was not to be….He's in the twilight of his career, it seems. Just couldn't sustain the run at the end…but that earlier "bump" didn't warrant dropping back at that point…

Jake Walsh

Methinks Frankie was protesting too much yesterday – it was the job of Baron Samedi's jockey to give his horse the best possible chance and not get out of the way to clear a path for Stradivarius…

Martin Cosgrove

Racing bent at best

Wayne New

Shocking ride by dettori, just like the gold cup 😂😂😂

Funee man

All this bull about Frankie's tactical riding is very tiresome. The best horse won on the day pure and simple!. Stradavarius is probably not the horse of two seasons back.

Mark Edmondson

Bad ride from dettori,plus the engines gone on stradivarius

donnie Robb

Best horse on the day won, Dettori complaining he was forced wide by another horse but it was his choice to sit at the back of the field. Having said that Stradavaruis still ran a good race but some younger horses are now challenging. Hope they don't keep pushing Stradavaruis and retire him when the time is right which may be very soon. In my eyes he is still a great racehorse and always will be.


Ascot's Champions Day took centre stage. Aldaary took the Balmoral Handicap under Jim Crowley who had high hopes with Baaeed in the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes. First up, Long Distance Cup and Trueshan was well placed than Stradivarius. The former, despite being bumped once or twice during the race, hit the front in the home straight and did enough to see off Tashkhan and Stradivarius. Hollie Doyle has had a decent season but guiding Trueshan to back to back wins after a great season for this Alan King runner is one of her highlights so far. Creative Force won the… Read more »

Russa Mehta

Truly awful ride by Frankie, gave his horse no chance at all.

David Turco

Is Frankie becoming the new Ryan Moore?

Liam McGaughey

Spaghetti must think he's steering the ambulance get out of my way .

Stuck in the Pattaya bubble

Awful ride by one of the jockeys and obviously the shoe fits because everyone knows who I am on about. He was beat a mile out by the awful decisions being made.

Lifeisgood Fivetoone

sorry for taking all the 16s&12s next years gold cup not sorry

Racing Corner

2:30 Dettori lost the best possible position…

trev ski

Not one of Frankies best rides

Night Owl

Isn't it good that Dettori thinks he's so important that the other jockeys should just move out of the way for him and give up any chance they have of getting a place.

Dj Billy Bop Dj Billy Bop

FFS come on People slagging Frankie off Stradivarius was well beaten also Frankie did the proper thing and let his whip down he knew he was going to be 3rd no point and asking the horse to do more. Now if Frankie gave Stradivarius a few more cracks and Stradivarius dropped dead god forbid you would all be saying Frankie knew he would not win why not just easy him up and all those moaning here more than likely never sat on a Donkey, not alone a race Horse COYBIG COYGIG.

Mark Power

Dettori didn't want to win on anything today. Hardly Pushed Strad . Shud retire both.

Jimmy Peralta

For being the "best jockey" that was an awful ride. Jockey loss this one

David Sheridan

That was a rough race , alot of bumping going on , had Stradivarius had a clearer passage frankie might of got alot closer to trueshan .

Clive Sangster

Detorri should be up before the Stewards. Didn't try for second

arumathanthirige Sunil shantha De silva

I, like it,, thanks 😊

Richard MacMillan

Stradivarious atually sucks now not won a race for 8 months

Kev Johnstone

Get in Trueshan..Dettori stopped riding out for 2nd


Im always first



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