FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Jesse Rodriguez vs. Alejandro Burgos

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October 16th, 2021 — Jesse Rodriguez vs. Alejandro Burgos from Fresno, California for Mikey Garcia vs. Sandor Martin.

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solid. stay hungry, Bam

Darin Evans

Could be #1 p4p in the future. Exceptional talent..

Richard Manly Heiman

I’d have been okay with him knocking that weird beanie thing off the ring announcer’s head at the end, too!

james white


Top Dawg

Look like he trying to fuse Mexican style with that Loma type foot work and angle. 🔥🔥🔥


Bam will be world champion soon …. Just diffrent


Wow that kids got skills!

Adolfo Maldonado

Bam Rodriguez is for real!

Sergio Yeyo

This kid will be greater than his brother. What a beautiful style he has.

Ray Balverdez


Cobby Supreme

Put a date on bam


This kid has springs on his feet beautiful feetwork! Tight defense nothing gets in definition of a complete boxer who just hits and doesn’t get hit


This kid is the future! Precision strikes!

cx luisz

4:21 Ma boy nearly took his ankles💀beautiful


awesome fight

Charles Moore

I love watching Latino fighters, no clinching, the ref is invisible. They always some to fight

Charles Moore

the announcers were to busy schmoozing to talk about the fricking fight. Horrible.

Jaleel 0

Future Champ

Shamsideen Etti

very defense aware and solid footwork, going to go places

JRemmy Yuga

Amazing preference🔥📐

Reza Jamshidi

this guy is a great talent … for a fan like me who is in love with lomachenko movements and skills , watching Bam Rudriguez is a blast

junior dos

Habría que verlo contra un hombre no contra ese costal Burgos , cero defensa no juego de cintura no cabeceo no paso lateral

Mark Gabriel Zamora

I see fernando montiel on his moves.

A.H. Fight Media

This guy has some amazing footwork .probably the best in robert garcia gym

Jon SoLo

WOW jst became a fan

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