FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Mikey Garcia vs. Sandor Martin

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October 16th, 2021 — Mikey Garcia vs. Sandor Martin from Fresno, California.

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Cesar Rios

Ganó por no fajarse a golpe por golpe? ,ahora resulta, también es estratégico para darle la entrada a peleadores europeos para abarcar más y ganar más lana!!!

Ronald Carter

Mikey has to re-dedicate himself to his craft. He's a much better fighter than that. Congrats to Martin the best man won. I wanna see a rematch


Mikey ate a lot of tacko uppercuts and straights…🤣🤣🤣🤣..

adolfo ruiz

Just run and run and run



Real PGO

Spence took Mikey’s soul

chingonjr ort

Could of went either way garcia looked tired Martin really didn’t do much just defense and moving around

Francisco Garcia

Buena suerte Mike

Nestor Rodríguez

Felicidades a Sandor, Mickey tremendo Campeon pero realmente perdio no se donde o que pelea esta viendo el juez que la dio empate ..🙈

Francisco Garcia

Mike Garcia ya se Mira muy lento y no tira muchos golpes debería retirarse

Jose Gaucin

Hope Garcia retires soon, he can’t make weight in the division where he has power or foot movement where he will be any more successful for his career. He doesn’t belong in the welterweight division where he had no power.

John Hales

Started to slow Mikey,disappointed,you can do better

gmade rushing

Whoever made this made it look closer than it was.

Sergio Trujillo

Pac-Man vs Mikey 1 last fight

R3Ddeuce Fellows

Wow i thought forsure judges were gonna rob martin.
Mikey is shell of himself great career tho.

James magee

That 1-2 didn’t land I don’t see where Mikey lost


Agree with some of these comments, Mickey is gonna need to level back up for Regis.

True Crime Queen TV

Love your videos!! They're amazing. Stay safe out there everyone ❤️🌻❤️


Chicken fight ))

Marco Peláez Fernández

Qué grande Sandor.

Giga Trav

Garcia won that imo

juan luis huerta vivar

Se confió el paisa un buen peleador Sandro no puedes llegar con las manos abajo con un peleador como Sandro

Allen Nunez

garcia is wack

Juan Viramontes

WOW! Martin put up a great fight . Next time Mickey

king AmorDeRey

Maybe this will teach Mikey to stay busy fighting not worrying about cars

Mark Welsh

This is all I’ve seen of the fight but I can’t see how Martin won it watching this alone. I can’t say I’m surprised though, listening to Garcia completely dismissing him and he obviously thought it was a gimme. May this be a lesson for him.

Zoyaz 🥑  {T.a.a.p} my PH0T0 y.o - check my vidéóz

Orgullo español y por este señor que nos lleva a lo más alto del boxeo internacional. 🇪🇸 Enhorabuena Sandor te lo mereces.❤️

Frank Cerbantes

Mike has no business in welter. Catch weight he will get hurt seriously next time

Felipe Martìnez

Descarado robo , el Español nunca propuso pelea y recibió más de lo que dió , Mike siempre fué adelante lanzando combinaciones que no del todo acertó pero que fué una diferencia que los jueces no vieron o se hicieron tontos

Danny Garcia

It happens to boxers , ring rust, just makes him human…

Pelon Musk*

Mikey won 1-6,9 rds . How did he lose?

Chris Zenko

Mikey is shot he needs to retire

yaritza robles

Maiky should go try for Nascar or NHRA driver next

Miguel Martinez

Wow great fight.

Melanin Popping

This fight is so boring. Just goes to show who the main attraction was between Mikey and Spence.

Martin Rodarte

Commentators doing too much


Mikey Garcia, one dimensional boxer walk straight into Sandor left hand time and time again. Mikey Garcia will find it hard to sell his next fight.


Crazy how the lights turned off in the middle of the fight

bill newman

Mikey got old all of a sudden last night. Hands and feet slow, and no Plan B. Kept plodding along and trying the same approach time after time. He couldn't hit Martin in the 1st, and he couldn't hit him in the 10th. Looks like the beating he got from Spence took more out of him than we knew. Time for the couch Mikey.

javiermegustaestevideo mendoza

La pelea más horrible que he visto en mi vida.
Yo les hubiera dado la derrota a los dos, o mejor aún en el cuarto round los bajo del cuadrilátero y los mando a su casa.

El marsallis

Mike García nunca ha sido un boxeador de la elite

Rene Fierro

Wow champ ! Need to condition even for tune up fight,no offense to Martin camp but Mike was not on point???

games earth

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Jose Josias Uriel Gomez

Mickey Garcia, RETIRE! 😂👎🙈🤦🏾‍♂️🙀

Patrick Bailey

And this is why boxing is garbage. Today's "greats" are only great because they float and fight handpicked opponents… and then still lose.

Spaniard Martinez


a ferng

Mickey has some rust , I want to see mikey. Vs Danny Garcia 🥊🥊🥊

Joe Barcenas

Martin’s footwork is similar to pacquiao in my opinion.

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