NBA Friday Night Betting Predictions

86 points

Hornets -4. Grizzlies are banged up and head to face the Hornets. Grizzlies lack of talent and direction without Ja will hurt them in this matchup.

Celtics -9. Blake Griffin is out for the Pistons and the Pistons face off against Celtics. We still believe that Pistons are worst teams in the league. Its a big line, but if the Celtifs starters play we like the -9.

Lakers vs Spurs u231. LeBron and Aldridge are both questionable entering this game. Even if both these teams play, we like the under. Lakers defense is still good and Spurs offense is hit or miss on points.

Blazers -3.5. Warriors are on a two game win streak and welcome the Blazers. This is an important game for Blazers to keep in the thick of a tough Western conference. We also like the Blazers scoring potential over what we seen from Warriors so far.

Bulls +14. Bulls are coming off a sweep of the Wizards and will face off against the Bucks. Bucks are too inconsistent in recent games and so is the bench. We think the Bulls keep it close with such a big line. Either Bucks will destroy Bulls or Bucks will continue to shoot themselves in the foot.

Khris Middleton o21.5 points. That said, we like Middleton’s over at points. Hes the more consistant person on the Bucks roster, the 2nd option to Giannis, and the Bulls defense isn’t good.

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