Boxing Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva Betting Picks and Predictions

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Paul vs Silva Betting Predictions


October 29th 2022 – 4am Sunday morning (UK time)

Only reason you should be betting on Jake is if you genuinely think the fight is rigged (which we don’t), you have faith in him landing a 1 shot KO, or you think Anderson has taken a massive nosedive since last year. If Anderson were to box with Tyron Woodley he would be -1000 and now he’s the underdog to the guy who was losing on the cards to Woodley in the rematch before he landed the Hail Mary overhand right.

The talent gap in this fight is astronomical, if Anderson is still even 3/4 of what he was in the fight with Cesar Chavez JR last year, Jake won’t win a round and likely won’t make it to the final bell. Provided he’s already past the age where things can fall apart in the space of one training camp.

However, Anderson said in an interview he got KOed twice in sparring for this fight, he quickly backtracked on those comments but we’re pretty sure he’s not lying. So chin is shot? at 15/8 we’re taking my chances on Paul by KO.

Paul vs Silva is an interesting matchup in that it follows the consistent booking history of Paul’s career, but elevates it to new heights competitively and in stature because of the Brazilian’s place in combat sports history. While facing a 47-year-old man is certainly a point Paul’s detractors will use to knock him. Silva is still a talented fighter even at an advanced age, and it could be argued he is much further along when it comes to pure boxing skills than Paul despite having fewer bouts in the sport than Paul.

Our Picks: 

Paul win @4/6

Paul By KO/TKO @15/8

Paul in Rounds 1-4 @4/1

Both men have serious advantages heading into the fight, which is a win for fans because it should be highly competitive and could be a pick ’em by the time we reach fight night. Both men have major fame for different reasons, so the matchup should also be a serious money maker for the American and his Brazilian foe.

While we are aware Silva is an all-timer in the UFC but it’s not as if he retired from MMA in elite fashion, from 2013 until his retirement in 2020 , he went 1-8, with 1 no-contest. For anyone thinking Silva scoring a win in a boxing match over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is an impressive reflection of Silva’s boxing ability, Chavez Jr. is a complete shell of himself in the ring. Less than a year before losing to Silva, Chavez lost by a 6th round technical decision to 30 year old Cazares who was 11-0 with 5 knock outs but had only ever fought one fighter with a winning record (9-8-1). Chavez was down on all three of the judges cards at the time the fight was stopped. After upsetting Chavez, Cazares lost in his very next fight via a 1st round KO against David Morrell.


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This Should be a great night of boxing between The Problem Child and The Spider. 4 am GMT+1

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