Has Romain Grosjean worn out his welcome in Indycar?

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“Check out our latest F1 2022 feature on Romain Grosjean.


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Sean Thompson

graham should speaks less and race more

Benjamin Blakemore

Stop being a BABY Rahal!!! 👌😎😉💪👍😜 I Think Grosean knows how to drive better than you soldier….


these guys have a lot to say americans hit everyone when they race now they are on at Romain, yip its a race guys not a drive around! on a sunday

paul hayton

If it looks like a jerk, walks like a jerk and talks like a jerk it's a Grosjean.

Adam Weidl

How didnt he almost win the other week???

Scott Smeaton

That’s fading Gran Prix Star…..thus the reason he’s in Indy Car an not F1.

Alan Shearing

American cry baby , to use their expression . Rubbing is Racing !

zeus 5029

What’s new.
He is a dangerous driver.
Got more cars wrecked, caused more accidents, caused more near death accidents, than I can remember in watching F1 in 45 yrs.
Why he was allowed to race in F1 for so long, someone’s wearing knee pads.


Problem is (or is not, depending on how you feel) there are no "penalty points" for obvious, unnecessary hits like this. Fernando Alonso was given two 5 mins. penalty points last week. I am a big fan of RG, but those to hits to GR were just wrong.

Mike Fournier

Whatev, Indy became a little kids go kart league when they went full wheel fairings. Maybe if Indy drivers had more driving ability they could have real open wheel race cars. Now go peel your giant windscreen tear off.

Ray Campbell

The best thing that happened to F1 in years was when Romain left it.

CBARRY55 Racing

Romain figured out last year that these IndyCars can withstand a little banging, so it’s only lended to his bangworthy style.

Liz Brown

I gather Graham Rahal isn't overly popular for some reason, but…..if that happened to Scott McLaughlin I'd be calling for action to be taken myself….he knew he was there, and the force applied was outrageous and very dangerous.
He deserves a sit down chat imo!


Get over it, motor racing is not a knitting crèche, supposed to be dangerous and hard, lets not go pc and snowflake in motor sport


Elbows get results

Goblin' Boostahs

Doubtful. He's actually decent in Indy

Gouthaman Guna

same as magnussen, who is weaving on straights and not leaving space etc in haas formula1. we can't change some drivers style. it's the crash that made pity on romain else everyone was furious on romain.

Worlds Worst Musician

I wouldn’t trust him to push my wheelbarrow!

Gouthaman Guna

like dtm vander goats family, they think indycar, lights to be dominated by some group of drivers. damn this ain't sport..

Gea Lingeman

Grosjean voted most popular Indycar driver in his rookie season last season. Already reached 3 podiums. Last race P2. Rahal is jealous. Nothing happened. No damage. No one off track. Rahal kept his position. Few laps later Romain overtook Rahal non the less and Rahal cant handle that. And Rahal claiming he drove into everyone the previous race, BS, BIG BS. And this race Rahal says Romain drove into Herta? HAHAHAHAHA maybe Rahal needs glasses cos it was Herta with a wild try to overtake Romain on the straight and then in the corner drove himself off track 🤣🤣 Rahal… Read more »

Robert Fricano

I hate seeing bumping like NASCAR and I don't watch NASCAR because if It. Although I wish I could bump on the street sometimes.

Dominic Viner

Saddens me f1 fans are backing him just because of f1 that was unnecessary

Ben Reed

He was never really popular in f1 or overly talented just got the sympathy card after his accident.


Rahal's right, but Gosjean puts fans in the stands…. anyways, the whining adds to the marketing and here's Indy on The Inside Line.


I mean, Ive been supporting him but …these last incidents were real flashbacks to "wtf Grossjean?" from the past.

Adrian C

FIA bans underpants in F1, but these indycar guys better hope their regulator doesn't ban diapers! FFS – go back to your safe place if that mild contact arcs you up so much.

king ayrton

he was idiot at f1 and now here 🙂

2P 2R

Média saying shit like this certainly not help tho

Holypotato JD

If race control say its fine then what is the problem

ronnie massart

He's fine but I think that 2nd hit on Graham might have been have been under acceleration and losing grip


Some times I have to wonder how this Guy got to the level he is out….. But I guess money had a role

Graham Rodrigues

Thers a lot less cars taken out in F1 since hes gone. Human Dive Bomber

Captain Bum face


John Norris

It's a complete misunderstanding! Grosjean thought he saw Marcus Ericson try to hit him (again) and took evasive action.

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