BKB 24 Live From The 02 London or PPV on FITE 22/01/22, Fights Picks and Preview

BKB are back with their first show of 2022, and what a show its going to be with most matches feeling like main events we, along with most of the Bare Knuckle Boxing community have been waiting for this show, unfortunately Daniel ‘Big Pod’ Podmore vs Dorian ‘Dark Fruits’ Darch for the World Heavyweight Title has to be re-arranged for a later date due to a injury to Podmore, but the night will still be amazing and there will still be a Heavyweight Title match so not all is lost.

BKB 24 Will be live at the 02 London on 22nd January 2022 (Ticket are on sale now through the 02 website) or you can watch it from home by subscribing through FITE TV and support your fighters by sending your purchase number to BKB or the fighter of your choice.


Confirmed Fights and Our Picks

Podmore vs Darch- OFF

After Posting- The fight was unfortunately Called Off due to a injury to Podmore so we have updated with Darch’s new opponent.


So Darch vs Podmore looks set to be May if Darch gets past this tough test. Meikle has a boxing back ground and has some experience but he will be out of his depth here. Darch should be crowned Heavyweight Champ however he should keep that belt safe because May will be the biggest fight of the year.

Our Pick: Darch Win



Another favourite of ours is Ryan Barrett who has trained and sparred all over including Fitness factory Birmingham now set to square off against Szymon Szynkiewicz, the hard hitting fighter from Poland which won’t be an easy task but with a championship shot the reward for victory we expect Barrett to dig in and come out on top.

Our Pick: Barrett


This will be a popular fight for Leeson and Eric Olsen (if you know you know). Reece Murray has had a few battles but rumour has it after his last loss he shit his pants (so we’ve been told) and there is a recent interview on Toe The Line BKB that all but confirms this. We have watched Leeson train and his more then ready for this fight with hopes of big rematches mainly with Sean George this will start his year off right.

Our Pick: Leeson Win K.O


Huge fight with one of BKBs most popular fighters and a guy I’ve had the pleasure of watching fight many times; ‘Team War Ready’ will bring this home for the UK. After Hilz disappointment of his last fight been called off after the weigh-in we see this been a big win here, Hilz also has his coach and the help of Simon Haycock (Fitness Factory Birmingham) in his corner.

Our Pick: Hilz Win


Lawson is a top fighter who knows his way around the ring. McCallum won’t be a walk over but we can’t see this going his way.

Our Pick: Lawson win


Our Pick: Jones Win


Our Pick: Kerr Win


Other Fights: (Highlighted Picks)

McHugh vs Guerra

Tiffen vs Besley

Harley vs Handley

Hodgeson vs Tracey

Shepherd vs McClean

The Fight Below was called off due to injury but will happen May.

To start off Podmore vs Darch will be epic. Darch has took on the best in a career Boxing and Bare Knuckle Boxing, the latter better suiting his brawling style. He’s a gent and by no means should not be underestimated. But we are Team Podmore, this once seen as a journey man fighter who has come a long way in the last couple of years with The Fitness Factory Birmingham and owner/coach Simon Haycock in his corner. He’s found focus and self belief with lots of hard work having legends like Kris Trez and Ricky Nelder to spar with and share their wisdom. He is currently in great shape, a great place and we see this title coming back to Birmingham.

Our Pick: Podmore



We couldn’t end the post without Eric Olsen’s BKB 23 Post fight interview.

Best BKB Preview and Fight Picks, Enjoy The Show.

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