Roy Keane's ANGRIEST moments discussing Manchester United 😡


Every time Roy Keane has FUMED at Manchester United, featuring…

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Seyam Rahman

We need a reaction for the Watford game

mike hunt

Producers : calm down roy

Roy keane : sometimes i feel like smashing into people

James Hopkins

Can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the Watford game 😂

Matthew Fitzgerald

Breaking news ole sacked and replaced by Roy Keane 2 hours later : Man United ex captain harry Maguire has been pronounced dead after been brutally beaten up in training

Ole OUT!


Kiefer Humph

What’s he going to be like now after getting hammered by Watford 😬

The Wolverine

And Maguire loves to continue proving Keane right..


Ass-Chester United

Denis Suholitco

The Glazers are imbeciles!!!


I definitely agree that De Gea is overrated as hell. He makes simplest saves look incredible by having a bad footing and position. Look at Alison or Oblak and than compare it. His kicks sucks, his positioning is questionable most of the time, and he has incredibly weak left foot.

Siddhant Arora

I swear it's the way Roy Keane pronounces Maguire 😂😂

Kaushik Sarkar

Roy kent 🤣🤣

Liam Slaney

See ole watch keano mite learn thing or too

Liam Slaney

Deffo threw towel after today


Who else is getting this recommended now?

The Cinephile Fish

United would really benefit with Keane as part of the backroom staff. Those spinless players need a hard-headed disciplinarian like Keane to whip them into shape.

Press Playboy

Might want to add some more from today’s match

Temi Davids

Ole Out!!!

Aaron Gibson

Maguire being in majority of these rants just goes to show he’s one of the main issues. Ole and maguire out. 😂

Jordan Forbes

No one can accuse Roy Keane of not being passionate. What a legend that man was and is for United. I'd love to see him as manager at United. He wouldn't stand for any of this.

Aaron Gibson

Can’t wait to see his opinion now on e watford game 😂

Sheun FA

This is where I come to learn how to trash talk. Watching this after man United loss to Watford 4-1

Ras al Hanout

'City can have their little day'?! 10 years and five titles mate. Little day. Bell end.


This is such bullshit. He's always going after the players but won't go after Ole because they're mates and anyone with a brain knows the issue is the manager, not the players. Southgate gets performances out of these players, Ole just can't and the fact his mates like Keane and Neville is frankly pathetic on their parts


Roy "these are all established international players" Keane


"I would be swinging punches at him"- Keane lmao


Let Roy be manager.. easy to talk, different managing….. I dislike manu, but expect him to make himself available.


As a Man Utd fan my whole life, it pains me to say that I don't think they will ever get the magic back from the long-gone days of Ferguson and Busby's eras. The managers, players — they're all terrible these days. ZERO motivation.
Roy Keane represents the warrior spirit of a time long gone for United. He speaks the truth.

Revolver Ocelot

You can add a few more minutes after today's performance 😂

Sam Beckett

Angriest moments SO FAR

Jacek Dudek

he's so harsh on De Gea because deep down, Roy knows DDG is Utd's best player, the only one that keeps it somewhat together, he is the only one that can take that thrashing and that pressure and keep going


It’s gotten this bad and he’s done it so frequently that, they’ve got a compilation. Fml

Anthony Sheridan

You have to love Keane 😂😂

Liam Nugent

Wat am I doing I might smash into someone classic keano

John Breslin



Poor Fred lol

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