What a ride from Sophie Smith! August Ride of the Month contenders


A miraculous ride from Sophie Smith, Ross Coakley’s skilful effort at Chepstow and an ice-cool last to first from Rhys Clutterbuck – here are your nominations for August’s Ride of…

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super pmu Pronostic

Idiotic uploader. Edited all the races so badly that you cannot enjoy even one!

Nathan Chambers

And I'd have to vote for the last if any

Nathan Chambers

What a ride by Sophie Smith what cos it lost about 7 length and still won that was all to do with the horse in a shit field.. look at her riding style be lucky to win on anything wouldnt let her ride my push bike

Liz Gaffney

St Mary mass

Kara Amundson


Winston Sirkissoon


Tommy RIX

These are average rides at best especially A. It's horses that win races jockeys most the time FUCK it up when they should WIN. I wonder WHY.

Boston George

All pretty bog standard…

Cajetan Fernandes

E best run

Robert Durst

Who'd have thought that one of the females would be mentioned in the title – I wonder which way it will go? pfffft. She lost many lengths (not so good) she then panicked and chased the horse up into 5th within two furlongs and then struggled to settle the horse. The horse Roar won despite Sophie Smith, not because of her. Aiguillette and Rhys Clutterbuck should win it because he actually used his brain tactically and got a horse that had 6 seconds to his name to finally go through with its effort and win convincingly.

Andrew Rose

Had D when it won was tipped and Napped thought it was gonna get sandwiched though 😂 glad it didn't but C or A for me both very impressive

Crow Tales88

Great coverage of the Racing league maybe Friday nights next year
Or have winter and summer leagues, winter @ Wolverhampton Newcastle and Southwell
Summer league @ Ripon Brighton Ascot Chester and Doncaster have bands on after the racing ur presenting line up was good maybe get few more celebrities to join ya ,was good racing the last few days of racing in uk bloody awful small fields

barry newman

Should show J.Reveleys ride in the 10.55 at Auteil today….one useless individual.

martin mac

how comes when i back one and they are behind they stay last!


Pretty sure you meant Rhys' last to first effort, not first to last lol

Safder Lodi


Rodney Mckee NONCE

Night Owl FREAK !

Rodney Mckee NONCE

Doing Great DOLE DOSSER ¬

Rodney Mckee NONCE

Dominic the spaceman Dale gay AF

Kev Johnstone

HANDICAPPER : how many stone in hand!
ROAR yes

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